Employer branding works

When an employee is enthusiastic about his job, this creates a positive vibe that has a measurable effect on the employee’s environment. He tells his friends, people he knows and family members about work and they will continue to ask questions. That way the employee generates interest in where he works and why it’s so nice there. His job comes alive and your company and brand shine just a bit more. Does that mean your work as a company is done? It’s a bit more complicated than that. You need to invest in a well thought-out strategy. We call it ‘employer branding’.

With the right employer branding you can turn your company into a great place to work. Employer branding needs to do the work for you, but you have to give it something to do first. This is important for your current employees, but also for your future workforce. If they already have positive thoughts about your company before they started working for you, it’ll definitely be in your advantage. A company that comes alive, turns into a beloved brand and preferred employer.


Dedicated management and excellent communication

Your employee is basically an extension of your brand. To reach the top of your potential employee’s list, you need to have a well-developed and well-constructed employer branding strategy. Appreciation towards the employer shows at work and beyond, and makes employees want to stay. Employees become motivated workers once they feel like they’re part of a strong brand. By setting up an employer branding strategy, you can shape a brand and elaborate on themes that enforce your brand. Dedicated management and excellent communication are what make or break your employer branding. In order to achieve these things, HR and marketing need to get together as a team. Just remember: employees aren’t passive by nature. The way they are treated by an organization makes them passive. Employees want to take up responsibility and live up to their potential. It would be a pity not to nurture this natural inclination. It already starts at the job interview. When a future employee knows what kind of company he’ll be working for, he can compare his expectations to reality. By balancing recruitment brand, corporate brand and employee value proposition you can become a preferred employer and attract the right people to your company.


Social network sites as strategic aides

Once you’ve attracted the right people to your company, you need to make sure they keep loving your brand. Social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Netlog can be part of that strategy and keep committed workers involved. They create a positive aura surrounding over the company brand. Setting up a blog about a brand only works when there are regular content updates. Tweeting can be useful, especially when the person tweeting knows how to network in an effective way.