Annual & financial reports

  • Annual and financial reporting is not about making brochures, websites or Apps. It is about bringing vital information in the clearest and most transparent way to a specific audience. The audience is made up of stakeholders in your company.  They all have different backgrounds and reasons why they consult your annual and financial reports.  Investors, governments, your employees, journalists… they are all looking for different things about your company and brand.

    It is the understanding of these different needs and motivations, and designing them into tangible forms that make great reports. And of course these reports need to be in line with the identity and positioning of the brand and company. Carefully designed and crafted around an idea. An idea that brings value to the reporting, that brings value to the brand.

    Our Brandhome method® is a design process that covers all aspects of efficient and effective identity building. Based on our extensive experience creating identities, our customers see results, not surprises.

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