Logos & visual marks

  • Logos and visual marks are the heart of the visual identity of any brand.
    It’s not just about a nice design. It’s about the ideas behind it. A logo cannot tell what a brand or company stands for from scratch. But it needs to hold an idea that lays the foundation and ensures that all investments are capitalized. Hence it is the ambition of any brand to have a logo one day that triggers all past experiences and future expectations about its offering in the blink of an eye.

    At Brandhome we see ourselves work as craftsmen, and our work as the result of craftsmanship. That is why, even in this digitally savvy age, we always start from scratch. With a pencil and a piece of paper we first hand draw the ideas that best fit the brand needs.

    We also understand that brand building is about creating equity. We take care of the legal protection of the intellectual property you already own in case of redesigns, or will create in case of new designs.

    Our Brandhome method® is a design process that covers all aspects of efficient and effective identity building. Based on our extensive experience creating identities, our customers see results, not surprises.

    • floralien_logo
    • steez
    • mediadonuts
    • vannoten&rochtus
    • optiflex-logo
    • delta-logo-facelift-2013
    • zooantwerpen
    • zoniq
    • za
    • woonhavenantwerpen
    • vtbkultuur
    • voetbalexperience
    • vab
    • Truelife
    • statengeneraal
    • speelcircusbambini
    • spark
    • serpentarium
    • pub
    • plackendael
    • minimundi
    • merrlyn
    • marmel
    • lyfra
    • langejan
    • laloza
    • kodo
    • kndw
    • kmda
    • ilove
    • hetarsenaal
    • fuga
    • febelfin
    • eye-5
    • enduris
    • elissa
    • crc
    • belgianbrewers
    • basegold&platinum
    • base
    • ay-yildiz
    • alfapark
    • ABK