• Though the world feels like it is getting smaller by the day, the amount of people exploring it keeps getting bigger. People can go where they want… whenever! They go for pleasure, for work or even to start a whole new life somewhere else. Wherever all these people go, they all have one thing in common: they want to stay in touch with work, with friends, with family and with home.

    ZONIQ understands. ZONIQ wants to develop the position of a brand that is there for its clients. ZONIQ wants to be there for everyone who wants to enjoy using their mobile phone…everywhere.
    No limits by borders. No surprises by huge roaming bills.

    ZONIQ delivers on the promise of its parent brand BASE at the international level. They promise to ensure freedom of speech for everybody…everywhere.
    They promise not to be limited by national borders. They promise to make international mobile calling accessible for everyone, wherever… whenever!

    The ZONIQ brand promises ‘international freedom of speech’.

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