Funimation acquired the North American license for the series the simulcast the show. Studio PierrotToo Kyo Games. You made some good points. We are putting the trailer here. Both are heist stories where the characters go by nicknames. offer finest quality Akudama Drive Hacker Cosplay Costume and other related cosplay accessories in low price. Cutthroat is the Top-Ranking criminal in the city with approximately one thousand murders accounted to his name and has an estimated 967 years of prison sentence. Brother vowed to protect Sister who was the last sibling to be created from the experiment facility. She teaches Hoodlum how to accurately cut the carotid artery while using him as her reluctant minion against Swindler. The injuries he sustained from Doctor's betrayal don't make him any less of a threat, with him being able to perform his killings like normal, even being able to make a giant pile of corpses in Executioners' HQ and briefly neutralize Courier. Swindler uses this during her, Since Doctor has been cleared of all charges and the police haven't traced her new crimes back to her, Pupil can't kill her when she threatens Junior's life for this reason. *Akudama Drive* is, in other words, a data storage device pertaining to Akudama. She attempts to pull this after Master gets killed, but fails due to the system in place and Boss forces her to accept a new partner. But it gives Cutthroat the opportunity to stab him. Hoodlum (Akudama Drive) Hacker (Akudama Drive) Doctor (Akudama Drive) Experiment 2502 | Brother (Akudama Drive) Experiment 5557 | Sister (Akudama Drive) Normal AU; we are giving them the development they deserve; Modern AU; Yandere; but wholesome; Adopted Siblings; Stalker Cutthroat (Akudama Drive) As she succumbs to her stab wound, she sees a vision of Brother and Sister finding the promised land and smiles knowing that they'll be okay. 3 Hacker (Akudama Drive) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Hacker's clothing is mostly consisted with blue, black and neon accents. He's the first of the Akudamas to die in Episode 6. akudama drive hoodlum brawler incorrect akudama drive quotes I can picture the akudama all living in the same house swindler does most shopping courier cooks :) hacker … But the second time it happens in Episode 12, the Chief of Police kills himself out of guilt leaving Boss and her Executioners at the mercy of the rioting masses. It'll change your life and the kids' lives, so take this 500 yen and accept my job. An eccentric yet deadly serial killer who was rescued from execution during the first mission by the other Akudamas. Swindler was really naive, thinking she could go back to her old life after she was seen helping high ranked Akudamas. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them a The Execution Division is a special task force that work under the government. If you want some weird anime that is similar to Akudama Drive, we have a list below just waiting to be read! She still keeps the coin anyways to return it if they meet again, and sure enough refusing to pay for food using that money ended up getting herself accused of being a criminal and brought to her current situation. 1 Gif 1 Cover Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Finding Images. Akudama Drive (アクダマドライブ, Akudama Doraibu) is an original anime series produced by Too Kyo Games and Danganronpa series creator Kazutaka Kodaka. As part of her and Courier's plan to infiltrate Executioner HQ, she sends out a message claiming she's leading an Akudama army, inciting panic and mass riots among the citizens, leading to the deaths to even petty crooks. Upgrade your car and drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to reach your destination - alive. The mastermind behind the grand heist and the leader of the Akudama. It got so bad that Boss decided to create a partner system not only to increase efficiency, but to use the bond Executioners form with their partner to make them more reluctant to throw their lives away. She also reveals that she started the Master-Pupil system to lower their shockingly high casualty rate, banking on the Executioners bonding with their partners and being less willing to throw their lives away. (Though considering how V3 ends, who knows what really happened to them anymore). At least, that is the current belief with no specific release date available. He uses that knowledge to slice hers, and she's trampled to death trying to repair it. She even admits that she chooses officers who are willing to give up their lives when it comes to fighting Akudamas. "You didn't bring me along for my charming personality." he, Sister, Swindler and Courier are cornered after the Shinkansen is destroyed. which she grants when Doctor lives up to her end of it. He dies shortly after turning on Doctor, slitting her throat in the way she taught him and causing her to be trampled to death as revenge for Brawler. She starts off being the most hostile toward Swindler, claiming her. Her whole plan in Episode 12 was to livestream her death at the hands of Executioners for the civilians to see and riot back, causing a chain of events that'll eventually lead to overthrowing their society as they know it. She loses an eye thanks to Hoodlum attacking her with her own electric jutte. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from At least in Danganronpa 2 (with the exception of Nanami) all of the characters were still alive since the game took place in the Neo World Program. Akudama Drive is an original anime created by Pierrot and TooKyo Games. When Hoodlum gets pissed at his disregard for Brawler's death, he offers to let Hoodlum punch him since he can survive whatever he can do to him anyway. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He even rubs it in her face that he's using the same method. He even lost his mother, and his right hand, to a hooligan with a gun. You made some good points. ... My guess is either Hacker or Kanto deciding to bring some people in (as bunny and shark were saying) for reasons that will become apparent later. It doesn't last long due to her, She turns on her fellow Akudama by exchanging the two kids for her removal off of the Executioners' wanted list. During the fight against Master, he loses both of his legs only for them to be reattached by Doctor. Add to Queue. It's her reaction to that and her parents' death, coupled with Swindler's, his grudge match against Brawler in Episode 6. Original TV Anime “Akudama Drive”, a story based on villains who carry out their self-esteem will be portrayed along with stylish images. Although she ends up being killed by one of them, it was part of her plan as she set up a recording device to broadcast her execution for all of Kansai to see. Akudama Drive (アクダマドライブ, Akudama Doraibu) is an original anime series produced by Too Kyo Games and Danganronpa series creator Kazutaka Kodaka. Master cuts her in half at the stomach when he attacks the Akudama in the sewers. After Swindler's livestreamed death, they are quick to draw attention to it and help incite the riots against the Executioners. Akudama Drive Episode 6 will be released on Thursday, 12 November, at 9:30 PM JST.Akudama Drive will release a new episode every Thursday make sure to proceed with caution since this post may contain spoiler of the next episode. full-episodes-akudama-drive-streaming-free-anime1st[/caption] Akudama Drive anime Story: Akudama Drive anime episodes is about Several highly skilled offenders, dubbed "Akudama," are sent a letter from an unknown client to release a death row inmate named Cutthroat before he is executed in a dystopian future where Kansai has become a vassal state of Kantō. He gets his wish in Episode 6, and it does indeed end in a. A long time ago, the "Kantō" and "Kansai" countries were in fighting each other in what appeared to be an unending war. He reveals to Swindler that he sees all things as bloody, with a particular effect surrounding Swindler which is why he's so fixated on her. In Episode 10, he even remembers all the amazing things Brawler did and how much his Bro truly meant to him. him taking a "tip" his employers dropped on the ground and returning home to discover a woman, likely his mother or caretaker, dead and his hand subsequently being shot off by the killer. $11.75. View, Download and Rate 1 Hacker (Akudama Drive) Profile Covers I lived with criminals, I killed people, and nearly died who knows how many time. Unfortunately, his reappearance is short lived. Finally, Akudama Drive, 2020.Tomohisa Taguchi and his team at Studio Pierrot got drugged up on Hotline Miami and cyberpunk aesthetics before deciding to make a show about it. Free shipping . She shows herself to the Executioners as a means of stalling them while Courier escapes with the siblings. inding series like Akudama Drive almost seems impossible when you realize how unique this creation is but luckily, we here at Honey's Anime have a recommendation list perfectlyjust suited for the task at hand! A serious man known for transporting products with high efficiency. Trouble logging in? and Sister when he agrees to help them find Brother. But a dangerous journey is about to begin when a civilian girl becomes twisted into the Akudama way of life and witnesses their criminal drives. He's forced into becoming one for Doctor. There’s no way I can comment on everything they had to offer in a regular-sized post, and I’m not so enamored with Akudama Drive that I’d give it a Great Pretender-length review. Turns out that his protective nature towards Swindler is because he wanted to kill her personally, rather than out of genuine affection. He remarks about how he still feels pain after being violently experimented on during a flashback. Add Hacker as a favorite today! He gave his whole time for his job and died to finish one. When some Sex Traders try to kidnap her and Sister, she gouges one's eye out with a can, stabs another in the shoulder, and shoots a third in the head. He's shot in the stomach by a little girl, one of the citizens he was sworn to and, unlike seemingly all the other Executioners, was genuinely dedicated to protecting. I imagine since Hacker went off to Kanto, he may be swooping in soon to reveal something like that to the population of Kansai. She slashes a gangster's eye with a can lid when he tries to take Sister away for their sex slave ring. she hints that the consequences could have been far worse. At least in Danganronpa 2 (with the exception of Nanami) all of the characters were still alive since the game took place in the Neo World Program. Virus or Faulty Software. Add to Queue. They are responsible for hunting down and exterminating Akudama criminals. Most importantly, being honest with itself and the audience, it doesn’t try to be anything that it can’t be (or at least it didn’t initially). From October 8, 2020 to December 24, 2020, new episodes aired on Thursdays. "Hacker" favorite cap, you too Akudama!- Reproduce the cap used by "hackers" based on the casual jet cap.- Enjoy the world of "Akudama Drive" while using it every day!- The design on both sides has been reproduced by printing.- akudama drive hoodlum brawler incorrect akudama drive quotes I can picture the akudama all living in the same house swindler does most shopping courier cooks :) hacker … Staring at the drone she watched as it rolled towards her. Page 5-Licensed Akudama Drive Current Series. While the Executioners, knowing she's lying, are quick to kill her, Hoodlum when he holds her at knife point under Doctor's orders. Considering that she was a. shut down all power in Kanto, which extends to the Executioner drones just as the last one is closing in on Brother and Sister running away from it on foot, giving Courier one last chance to destroy it once and for all. The biggest and brawniest of the crew, he's the first to die. If you can't remember your password or are having trouble logging in, you will have to reset your password.If you have trouble resetting your password (for example, if you lost access to the original email address), please do not start posting with a new account, as this is against the forum rules. Akuma Drive is an upcoming crime-drama anime. He attacks Pupil after he sees Brawler's corpse. such as towards Hoodlum after Brawler's death. Music Deliver the children to Shikoku! Hoodlum as his death in Episode 6 causes the low level criminal to reevaluate his life and how he treated Brawler in the past. Akudama Drive is the synthesis of many flavors—a high-stakes high-speed heist, a cautionary cyberpunk dystopia, a buddy criminal comedy, a Cheshire-grinned children’s show—and now it’s time to add slasher flick to the mix. her concern with not incurring Kanto's wrath drives her to order the Chief of Police to declare all the insurgents as Akudama so that the police, policebots, and Executioners would start killing them to quell the uprising. While not confirmed outright, her interactions with Boss after betraying the group seems to imply that she was this to some extent to the Executioners. Anime Poster Akudama Drive Ordinary Person Hacker long wall scroll 105x40cm. 1. into thinking he's a incredibly dangerous criminal to gain his respect, Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like, an accredited government agent assigned to assassinate the anarchic Akudama, and begins to wonder if both sides really are all that different. Meant to start airing on July 7, 2020, Akudama Drive was put off due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, to finally release on October 8. When he had to deliver a charm to Sister from Brother there was no reason for him to wait for Swindler to regain consciousness to finish the job, and the next episode has him cooking for Swindler and Sister as well as giving advice to Swindler as an Akudama. While recovering from his wounds, he finds out about how the mob was handled. She kills Cutthroat after tricking him, cutting off his arm and stabbing him. Akudama Drive; Digimon Adventure: (2020) Haikyuu!! After he learns of Brawler's death, he more or less shrugs it off by claiming he wasn't guaranteeing anyone's survival, pissing Hoodlum off. Despite being exonerated for her crimes in exchange for selling out the other Akudama, she's quick to get involved again and go back to committing crimes out of curiosity of the siblings immortality. In a world where magic is everything, the next Wizard King could be a boy without power. refusing to pay for food with money that isn't hers, It's especially baffling when you consider that Courier literally said he didn't want it back, saying that it'd only give him bad luck, making this all the more pointless, this was done to convince the civilians watching that, It’s also hinted at that he isn’t completely unflappable outside of work. We can see An Ordinary Person, A Courier guy, A Brawler, A Hacker, A Doctor, A Hoodlum, and a Cutthroat in The Key visuals. She shows herself to the Executioners in the hopes of stalling them while Courier escapes with the children, with the added bonus of livestreaming her death and making it look like, when she is on the Executioners' "Most Wanted" list with the others, After being labeled a fugitive and on the run with Sister, she cut her hair into a. This is subverted in Episode 6 when he starts to appreciate Brawler as a friend and becomes heartbroken when his bro dies from his fight with Master. A dangerous journey is about to begin when a civilian gets twisted into the Akudama way of life and witnesses their criminal drives., Original Character Design: Rui Komatsuzaki. When captured and being transported by Pupil and Junior. Swindler reminds him of how much his Bro cared about him and how he doesn't have to stoop to becoming a coward like before. When a thug is about kill Swindler, Courier comes in and takes him out first. For this reason, its manga adaptation's first chapter wound up releasing ahead of the anime, on July 6. Akudama Drive Original Anime Reveals Character Designs for 7 Main Characters posted on 2020-03-21 01:56 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins Original series by … None. Hoodlum in Episode 8 where she calls him out for what he truly is: a worthless coward who constantly lies just to make himself look better than what he is. This gets deconstructed in later episodes as their willingness to kill anyone who's labeled as an Akudama, regardless of what they're like, gets scrutinized by the general public. Episode 11 reveals that he got involved in the courier business when he was barely a teen. Dwindling Party: The Akudama ranks gradually thin throughout the Shinkansen heist. This is probably not how it happened, but simply saying “individuals with talent and creativity had a wacky idea they wanted to run with” is a reality too boring for a show such as this. he learns the moon was destroyed, making what he did. Pupil is a young female Executioner who works under Master. Courier & Sister (Akudama Drive) Courier & Brother (Akudama Drive) Courier & Hacker (Akudama Drive) Characters: Ordinary | Swindler (Akudama Drive) Cutthroat (Akudama Drive) Courier (Akudama Drive) Brawler (Akudama Drive) Hoodlum (Akudama Drive) Hacker (Akudama Drive) Doctor (Akudama Drive) Experiment 2502 | Brother (Akudama Drive) And her time with the Akudama have most likely helped her develop a backbone to fight in dire situations. She's surprised that the offering to Kanto was a pair of children, but that doesn't stop her from trying to recapture them. Brother's true form follows a popular character design of having pale skin, black hair and red eyes, it is revealed that he is a young boy who, along with his sister, was meant to be shipped to Kanto, Blocks a stab from an Executioner from hitting Courier, giving him a chance to, He raises this question at one point, stating his preference to die completely than to live and feel the pain as the wound heals. akudama akudama drive akudamadrive akudama drive thoughts akudamadrivecharacters character opinions characterthoughts hacker swindler hoodlum doctor … slit Doctor's throat after she boasts being responsible for Brawler's death with her lackluster stitch work. In Reservoir Dogs, the nicknames are color-based, while Akudama Drive's cast is referred to by their job: swindler, courier, brawler, hacker, doctor, hoodlum and cutthroat.. Convincing the Akudama that she is a legendary Swindler managed to get them to spare her life, but also gets her wound up deeper into their schemes since they consider her part of the gang. He does it again when Doctor survives her bisection at the hands of Master. Norimitsu Kaihō She decides to become a big sister figure for Sister in order to protect her and to keep her spirits up while searching for Brother. The machine stopped and Swindler panicked. Thankfully, with his technological brilliance, he was able to maintain his consciousness and project himself as a hologram to interact with the Akudama. The show already has a sturdy fan base even before it’s launch despite the fact that this by itself does not guarantee the success of the anime. While most of them die over the course of the series, the fates of Boss, Pupil, Junior, and the duo that helped take out the first mob and later Swindler, are unknown after Courier blows up the tower.