If you have a wobbly toilet because there is something uneven on the floor the ideal solution is to find a way to level the floor. The thinking behind this is that I needed something that would harden and stop any rocking motion once it set up. Next, move your caulk gun to the inset depth you just measured and apply caulk directly to the floor, maintaining the … Even though the installed toilet might be perfectly level when it is first installed, it may become unlevel over time. The raising of the toilet causes it to rock from side to side. Here’s how to install them: Place the toilet … My tile floor is uneven so any toilet rocks back and forth. ... One option, if you cannot make the floor level, is to use toilet shims. Then make an outline of the toilet on the floor with masking tape. Install the Washers. Not expecting to replace the toilet for a long time, I decided to use a tube of QuikCrete. These are small plastic wedges that you can put under the toilet … In my case it was not more then a 1/4 inch, maybe 3/16". I use those nylon shims that you can find in the plumbing parts section. You also want to make sure the toilet sits level and does not rock on the floor, as this can compromise the seal. As long as the floor is not rotten, you can use this technique. I have a floor where two pieces of tile spanned the toilet base and the two tiles were not level or even to each other. The toilet won't flush properly unless it is level front to back, but when shimmed this way the front edge of the base is 1/2" above the floor. I've chiseled away as much as I can but there's a little bit of a rock when I put the new one in place. Measure the depth and width of the gluing edge of the bowl. If the problem is tiles, you could remove the tiles under the toilet. 5 Remove the caps from the closet bolts on each side of the toilet to expose hex nuts; use an open-end wrench to remove the nuts. Following the same process of the installation of the shims, the washers may help to level up the toilet as well. Insert the hard rubber shims beneath the toilet on the side or sides that are uneven, working your way around the bowl according to the reading on the level until the toilet is level. 4 Use adjustable wrench to disconnect the water-supply line from toilet tank. 2 Flush toilet and hold down the lever to empty tank. Three options: 1. Remove the toilet and turn it on its side. I have a problem with a toilet on an unlevel tile floor. If this can’t be done because the floor is old and settled into this state and it is beyond the scope or budget to fix this the you could level the floor just under the toilet. Level the floor as others have said. But often in real life, we don't want to do either of those. Lay a level lengthwise on the back of the toilet tank, then sit backward on the toilet, straddling the bowl and shifting your weight to make the toilet level. If the toilet flange, the round item that sits under the toilet and connects the toilet to the drain pipe, is higher than the floor, the toilet becomes raised. When you are replacing a toilet or resetting an existing toilet after a repair, there are a few key things to check to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks. I'm fitting a new low level toilet on an uneven tiled floor at home, I removed the old toilet and there was a pile of cement under the toilet. I had traced the outline of the toilet with a pencil before setting it. 6. When the floor is uneven, what material do you install under the toilet to prevent the toilet from tipping/moving toward the gap created by an uneven floor? If it is wood, you could shave it down to flat. 3 Sop up remaining water from tank and bowl with sponge or turkey baster. Note that the toilet is very stable and doesn't rock at all (nor does it leak), but of course this appearance isn't acceptable. If the toilet didn’t sit well on the floor after adding the washers, then you’ll need to install the washers as well.