Click on “Set Up Slide Show” and the resultant window is a bit different because of how Win10 lays out preferences, but otherwise, it’s also surprisingly similar: In the Set Up Slide Show window, where it says Resolution, it needs to be set to Current Resolution. Go to SlideShow and then Setup Slide Show. I want to get rid of these borders so the slide show takes up the full screen. Because this is Slide Show mode, all animations and transitions work as expected. When I "view Show" there is a 2" to 3" vertical black border on either side of the slide show. If you share the PowerPoint window first before entering Slide Show mode it confuses Zoom and it will stop sharing the window. Learn how to fill screen with powerpoint slide show. What is different than the full screen Slide Show mode is that the laser pointer, inking, and some other features are not available. Open PowerPoint > Click on Slide Show tab > uncheck the box 'Use Presenter View' then change the monitor to your desktop in the option 'Show Presentation on'. Configure PowerPoint slideshow to play in a resizable window instead of full screen mode. The problem is that when I connect to external display (e.g. By default you will see that the Presented by a speaker (full screen… Computer with wider screen has this problem frequently.This video will show simple trick to change it. On my laptop when I choose the symbol at the bottom of PowerPoint to run my slide show it will open the first slide in full screen but will not advance to the next slide. If the issue still persist then, try to post your query in office forums and see if that helps. projector) as an extended monitor and click "slide show", no presentation displays on the external display at all; however, on my Macbook screen, it still shows the presenter view. Click the Slide Show tab. Basically, as long as the PPT slide show is in full screen mode, OBS does not seem to be picking it. I sure hope you have and answer for me and thank you in advance for your time and help. I saw the solution in a video on YouTube. I have uninstalled office 365 and reinstalled it but it does not fix my problem. It seems that some setting has changed on my laptop as when I write a new presentation and show that the same thing happens. In the Set Up Show dialog box, choose Browsed by an Individual (Window) Click OK. Now, when you go into Slide Show view, PowerPoint opens in a window instead of full-screen. Hi, I currently use powerpoint 2019 (16.21) with Macbook pro 2019 (osx 10.13.6). Follow these steps, it worked for me 1. Click the Set Up Slide Show button. When I "view show", there is what appears to be a 2-3 inch vertical black border on either side of the slide show. I've created a Powerpoint presentation. Override the High DPI Scaling Behavior for PowerPoint. COnfigure it to show the slideshow as a window (in MS Office 2016, the option reads as "Browsed by an individual") 3. Follow the link below to do the same. Now, in the Set Up Show dialog, make sure to select Browsed by an individual (window). Recently I was showing a presentation in PP 2010 when I noticed that the slides were no longer showing full screen (either on my laptop or on the projector), but had wide black margins each side. Launch PowerPoint on your PC and click on “Slide Show”. Powerpoint 2010 will not display full screen on my widescreen laptop and TV I've created a Powerpoint presentation using Powerpoint 2010. In MS Power Point, go to Setup SlideShow 2. Navigate to the “SLIDE SHOW” tab and click “Set Up Slide Show”. I just had to do a Zoom presentation (on a Macbook by the way) and one thing which always bugs me is that I need to run the presentation in full screen and can’t see the chat or Q&A. Here’s the ribbon you’ll see: Sure looks familiar, doesn’t it?