Typically REI's inhouse brand products offer quality construction and decent value but rarely come in as a lightweight alternative to name brands. Its internal insulation helps keep you comfortable in temperatures down to 40°F. The big upside is there’s no risk of getting a puncture, but closed-cell foam is by far and away the least comfortable mattress type. The most important consideration is whether you can transport the cot and fit it inside your tent. REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Pad - this is 2.75" thick, with an integrated hand pump (not self-inflating), r-value at 3.5 and comes in 2 lengths to accommodate different sizes of people! REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad | REI Co-op. for the REI). I have a Therma-Rest "seat" that their air pad and foam pads fit into. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite ($185) Category: Air pad Weight: 12 oz. Ending Saturday at 5:46AM PDT 5d 19h. Shipped with UPS Ground. " With fairly easy inflation/deflation via two large valves and a durable construction, the MegaMat checks off all the boxes for a pair of comfort-oriented campers (we’ve also found it useful as a backup bed for guests at home). But for large and vertical camping tents, it’s hard to beat the level of comfort for the price, not to mention the cot can double as a couch. The new version is available in a mummy or rectangular shape and in several different width and length combinations. anywhere in the … The V-shaped air channels are quite comfortable, but we still give the edge to the foam options above. The REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad has an R-value of 3.7 and weighs just 15 oz. The downside of then using your lightweight backpacking pad while camping is that it’s another opportunity for the thin fabrics to spring a leak. Type: Self-inflating matDimensions: 72 x 25.6 x 3 in.Weight: 4 lbs. These pads don’t require any inflating to set up—just unroll it and you’re done. Type: Air bedDimensions: 79 x 56 x 6 in.Weight: 15 lbs. The MondoKing used to be our top-rated camping mattress but dropped a few spots in a recent update. (L)Weight: 4 lbs. The sleeping pad you bring on an expedition can be the difference between a comfortable outing in nature and a sleepless night spent tossing and turning. Stacked up against the similarly priced Camp Dreamer above, the Exped compresses much smaller (26.5 x 8 in. REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad | REI Co-op. If you don’t need much insulation from the ground (the R-value of 1.3 is for warm weather only), it’s a fantastic deal. Home Services Location Contact Accessories > REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad … There are, however, still differences between models, which is why we suggest checking the denier ratings (if available). Coleman’s SupportRest Double High is our top value-oriented air bed. The latest all-season sleeping pad in the Flash line by REI is the Flash Thermal. Type: Foam padDimensions: 72 x 20 x 0.62 in. REI Co-op Camp Dreamer XL ($179) Type: Self-inflating mat. Like the standard air bed above, it also only includes a manual hand pump, which takes a good amount of effort to get fully inflated. 13 oz. 8 oz.What we like: Cheap, decently comfortable, and durable.What we don’t: Slippery top fabric, less comfortable than the pads above. REI claims to have updated the construction of the pad so the welds are stronger. But if you’re looking for something super simple—and something that a dog or child can’t put a hole in—the RidgeRest remains a viable option.See the Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLite. That being said, the 75-denier fabric bottom on our MondoKing is plenty durable and we’ve had no hesitations laying it directly on dirt. The pad is unquestionably basic, but it’ll get the job done for those who sleep on their back and aren’t too finicky about comfort. Where the DeepSleep stands out from the competition is its combination of warmth and packability. ), and has a better sleeping platform thanks to its vertical sidewalls. Therm-a-Rest tweaked the MondoKing for 2020, including new valves with dedicated inflate/deflate functions to shorten set up and take down, along with an offsetting foam design that trimmed about a pound of weight and makes it easier to compress and pack. Ended: Nov 05, 2020. Item description " REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40. It rolls up incredibly flat and requires just 10 breaths to inflate, while deflation takes just seconds through a separate deflation valve. Even insulated models with synthetic or down-fill bonded to the interior can be rolled into a compact size, which makes storage and transport very easy. Second, air beds don’t insulate you as well from the ground as a typical camping mat, and the REI’s R-value of 2.6 means you’ll want to leave it at home if the nighttime temperatures will be especially cold. For example, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot measures an immense 40 x 30 x 5.5 inches and weighs nearly 20 pounds. For the price, the Alps’ self-inflating technology works well and the pad is durable enough to last for many seasons. Likely, this is the most similar to your aero mattress. $127.60. The sleeping pad relies on advanced inflation technology with two flat valves, one for inflation and one for deflation. Check your inbox for more perks. 10 oz. Not all manufacturers provide the spec, but it's a helpful tool when available. While it’s a step down from the truly luxurious Camp Dreamer XL above, with 2.5 inches of thick padding and a high-efficiency valve that expedites the self-inflating and deflating processes, it’s no slouch. 10 oz.R-value: 3.3What we like: Nice touches like a built-in pump and pillow; packs down reasonably small.What we don’t: Step down in durability and comfort compared with self-inflating options. Simply put, the REI lacks the cushioning to be a suitable option for side sleepers or those who value plush and supportive padding. Opening the valve allows the pad to work its self-inflating magic and expand the foam. Type: Air matDimensions: 76 x 25 x 3.5 in. And if you prefer the tall, double-high style, the Coleman is more convenient. But for the occasional camper, budget seeker, and/or back sleeper, this is all you’ll likely need for a good night’s sleep under the stars.See the Alps Mountaineering Apex Series. We give the edge to self-inflating pads for the cushy but supportive foam that makes them a little more comfortable to us, but back sleepers, side sleepers, and even stomach sleepers should be happy with most of the models that made out list. As such, the RidgeRest’s biggest upsides are simplicity and inability to deflate—it’s a foolproof way to keep yourself protected from the cold ground on a camping trip. Pad Thickness (in.). What are the shortcomings of the Camp Dreamer? Condition is Used. For 2020, Exped has expanded the line (literally) to include a “Max” variation that increases thickness from 3.9 inches to a whopping 5.9 inches. Another unique feature of the Cosmo 3D is that the head end of the pad is raised, creating a pillow (a helpful feature if you forget yours at home). He seems quite happy with it. What’s more, inflation and deflation are a cinch with Kelty’s Vortex system, which is essentially a large bag that pushes air into the pad. Simply attach the bag to the valve, open it up, roll the top a couple times to seal it closed, and use your weight to press down—the whole process takes only a couple minutes. At 3 lbs 6 oz, the Camp Dreamer Insulated Air Sleeping Pad is too heavy for backpacking, but it’s light enough for most everything else. The pads appear to be pretty similar in size, shape, and weight. Proof that sleeping outdoors doesn't have to mean roughing it, the REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40 includes a queen-size air mattress, padded cover, insulated quilt and a topsheet. Klymit broke into the sleeping pad scene with their wild-looking Inertia pads that appealed to minimalist trekkers, but, more impressively, they really hit a cord with the mainstream camper and backpacker with the Static V series. R-value: 4.2 What we like: Ultralight, comfortable, and well-built. And in choosing your camping gear, it’s almost always worth taking the more comfortable and durable route rather than the lightest or most compressible. 0 bids. Welcome to IPZmall. Below are the best camping mattresses and pads of 2020, ranging from versatile self-inflating mats and air pads to luxurious air beds and cots. In addition, some might find that the generous size is too much—many camping mats on this list are around 25 inches in width, which should be sufficient unless you frequently toss and turn. REI Kingdom Insulated Air Bed. It's true that tolerant sleepers can deal with less, but if you camp out a lot, it's often worth the investment. What are the downsides of choosing an air bed like the REI Kingdom? “I’m a side-sleeper, and my arm usually falls asleep on ultralight pads because there’s no support under my shoulder. Priced just under $100, it's a great value for a three season pad. But if your air bed mostly will be used at home and only taken camping on occasion, the Coleman SupportRest is a solid option at a considerable discount.See the Coleman SupportRest Double High Air Bed. The Best Air-Filled Sleeping Pads. I've taken it backpacking, and while it wasn't the most optimal choice, I was able to fit it into my pack without much struggle. Rob Dan Jean 6,021 views. The majority of camping mattresses are self-inflating and utilize a familiar twist valve. And a final bonus: with its fairly reasonable weight and packed size (especially in the “regular” length/width), the Cosmo 3D does the trick as a luxury backpacking sleeping pad.See the Nemo Cosmo 3D Insulated. Size. In addition, we really like the Nemo’s built-in foot pump, which makes the cavernous, 3.5-inch thick design surprisingly easy to inflate (just make sure to take off your dirty shoes prior to pumping). Springing for a full-on air bed is great option for couples, families, or those who just like the extra space. REI CO-OP FLASH INSULATED. Just a couple of those will fill up a car on their own. Free shipping on many items ... REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad Sz 20.5 X 78. For camping mats, denier ranges from about 50D to 150D, with the higher numbers offering greater tear resistance. Therm-a-Rest is synonymous with quality backpacking pads, and the NeoAir XLite is their leading lightweight model. Sitting towards the top of the premium camping mat market is Exped’s MegaMat Duo 10. Best Ultralight Sleeping Pad for Backpacking 1. This can make a significant difference for hauling in the back of a vehicle, especially for families and groups needing to bring along multiple mats and other bulky gear (tent, stove, chairs, cooler, etc.). The REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad has an R-value of 3.7 and weighs just 15 oz. 9 oz.R-value: 3.6What we like: A true home-in-the-woods experience.What we don’t: Very expensive; slow hand pump. We leave it behind on 3-season camping adventures, and at 2 pounds 9.3 ounces, it's not the lightest option available for mixing in the occasional backpacking trip. Air Mattresses The lightest backcountry pad we've ever made, the REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad helps you sleep well outdoors and takes up very little space in your pack. AEGISMAX 800 FILL - Duration: 8:30. Review of REI Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad - Duration: 2:52. This can create some challenges with a huge mattress like the Exped MegaMat Duo 10, but one possible location is storing it under a bed (provided you have the space). (Queen)Weight: 5 lbs. Like the REI Camp Dreamer, Exped’s own MegaMat, and Therm-a-Rest MondoKing above, the DeepSleep features a thick foam build (measuring 3 in. And at $179, the REI is a significant $30 cheaper than the Therm-a-rest Mondoking 3D below and 7 inches wider to boot. Thickness: 2.5 in. By signing into your account, you agree to REI's, to open cart summary dialog, press down arrow, Cold Weather Hiking Gear, Clothing & Boots, Kids' Fleece Jackets, Pants & Accessories. XL brings the price up to $119), and all but the most discerning car campers will find it pretty comfortable. 114257057689. The R-value of 3.6 translates to insulating you down to roughly 40 degrees, but it can go a bit lower if you layer up or bring along a separate sleeping bag. It’s definitely not for everyone, but the Kingdom Insulated Sleep System is a great execution of a novel idea, and especially for those who want the convenience of buying an all-in-one set-up. See all Item description. In our minds, if REI were looking to create a pad that is perfect for 80 percent of the people backpacking 80 percent of the time, the REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad is that pad. or Best Offer. The pad packs down into a 7.5 x 10.5 inches package inside of the included stuff sack. It’s true that it’s hard to beat the value of this pad, but even spending up for the Coleman Camp Pad above—which is often on sale for less than $40—will be worth the investment from a comfort perspective. This pad will set you back $30 and offer all the comfort your steel body requires. Aug 12, 2020, 04:52 AM PDT. Pad Thickness (in.). And if you’re trying to save some dough, air beds are friendlier for use at home for guests, especially if you choose a two-person queen-sized air bed.