If I deactivate the plugin and clean my cache everything is OK again… Translate “SmartVideo – Video Player and CDN” into your language. But only because of our mistake of not having used Swarmify before. Elite Video Player is a modern and responsive WordPress video plugin. Gutenberg block editor was not showing the URL’s you previously set for videos when you chose the “Another source” option. Fixed some minor casing inconsistencies so that we can be more consistent , All of the pretty native widgets you want. Un popolare plugin per WordPress che permette di inserire i video provenienti da Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Liveleak e Facebook in modo facile ed estremamente personalizzabile. Create YouTube Video Gallery for your WordPress! Easy breezy if you are an Elementor Pro user. Don’t worry we had a talk with the code, and it will never hide this data again. Don't be fooled by forcing users to install! Embed Plus for YouTube Embed Plus for YouTube can be used to embed livestreams, galleries, channels and videos You can manage your YouTube live stream, YouTube gallery and YouTube on your WordPress dashboard using this plugin. The WordPress YouTube playlist carousel will automatically and dynamically retrieve… Let us know what you think! Why this plugin is better than any other? The YouTube Performance Plugin is continuously updated for feature enhancements and WordPress compatibility. Just define the constant. Quoting for the SmartVideo widget in Elementor and Beaver Builder was not so smart. Some hosts weren’t ready for maximum upload acceleration so they put on the brakes and prevented media file uploads. First download the YouTube Embed plugin ZIP file. It lets you embed pretty much any type of YouTube content in your WordPress site including: Individual videos; Playlists; Galleries; Channels; Live streams It works with caching, SEO and E-Commerce plugins, and allows the building of complete multilingual sites. You can make video galleries from YouTube playlists or channels. Uploading videos to use in your WordPress media library will be faster and smoother than ever. It allows selecting the desired channels and even single videos for creating your own playlist right on your website. Courses Rectangle – Do you like 4 sides and the golden ratio, then this is for you! Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel. At Swarmify, we believe that adding video to your website should be as easy as adding an image. There is a multitude of video editing tools to trim, filter, and personalize those videos. The only side note which i recommend to users is : Configure the plugin from Settings -> YouTube Playlist Player. Navigate to the ‘Feeds for YouTube’ settings page to configure your YouTube gallery. Embed Plus for YouTube WordPress Plugin Screenshot 5: Wizard Search Results Screenshot; Embed Plus for YouTube WordPress Plugin Screenshot 6: Gallery layout for a playlist or channel; Embed Plus for YouTube WordPress Plugin Screenshot 7: YouTube playlist galleries are also easily supported. YouTube now has an increasing army of YouTube publishers-people who are content creators on YouTube. When it comes to paid video player plugin for WordPress, the plugin that we will recommend is the Elite Video Player. You really needed that, right? In general, this plugin has everything you might need out of WordPress YouTube embed plugin. Like robots, but in the cloud…, Adjusted for deprecated jquery functionality, Updated testing for the latest WordPress builds so you can confidently install and get your video on. Showcasing your playlists on WordPress can help you show fresh content to visitors and boost your subscribers for your YouTube channel. With more than 100+ adjustable parameters for setting up your youTube feed, multiple pre-styled color schemes and 16 languages currently supported the Yottie plugin is a great fit for just about any vlogger. Every of these Free WordPress YouTube Plugins for WordPress goes along with their own set of options and every one of them are free. Use the shortcode [youtube-feed] in your page, post or widget to display your YouTube feed. like Unlimited bandwidth & storage, Unlimited encoding, Real-time analytics, Video acceleration (Instant start + stall prevention), S3/Wasabi/Google Drive/Dropbox/PCloud file sourcing, Automated YouTube and Vimeo conversions or just plain MP4 uploads from your stash (that you were afraid to upload to YouTube)... It’s built on open source technology enhanced with proprietary streaming EdgeAI. Envira Gallery is already a well-trusted plugin for image gallery creation in WordPress, but did you know the premium version of the plugin comes with a video add-on option? The Gutenberg plugin provides editing, customization, and site building features to WordPress. If you were having trouble with uploads after previous update, that should be fixed now , Display closed captions on all YouTube source videos… Or don’t. After using Swarmify we are incredibly annoyed. YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin. Description. Awesome Color Picker for video player color customization now in settings, Significantly increased Lighthouse & Pagespeed scores with our enhanced embed engine, Extreme Video Theme Optimization – Automatically optimize and accelerate your theme’s background videos. It can be your logo, your friends logo, or even a disco dancing dog gif if that’s your style. It is a completely responsive, video player plugin that is customizable to the core. WordPress Youtube lets you easily embed youtube videos, channels, and playlist on your WordPress site. This plugin will help you generate Google Video Sitemaps (XML) for your WordPress blog. The #1 WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin. FAQ Can this plugin be used to embed a YouTube video? And there are free-to-use video streaming platforms like YouTube that empower users to publish that content on the web for all to see. 5 plugin pour associer WordPress et YouTube [alert-note]Pour une question de lisibilité et pour éviter les trop nombreuses répétitions, j’ai remplacé, à certains endroits, Youtube par YT[/alert-note] YT for WordPress. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Are you looking for the best WordPress youtube plugin? Nowadays people are showing interest to spend more time on YouTube when compared with Televisions. Why would you want the video to play at 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speeds? I bought youtube for wordpress plugin, and update to version 2.0. Need to template up your massive video archive so that each post displays with the associated video in a SmartVideo tag. Use the Settings->SmartVideo screen to configure the plugin. YT for WordPress vous propose de naviguer directement sur YouTube depuis votre tableau de bord WordPress. “SmartVideo – Video Player and CDN” is open source software. You wanted modern native widgets for all your favorite page builders, and we are here to deliver. Here we have listed some best YouTube WordPress Plugins. That way if a future update fixes a problem you have, then it gets installed automatically. Upload to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/; Activate the plugin on the plugins screen. Step 1 -… Disabling the extension made the mysterious issue go away. It’s easy enough to create with your own personal mobile device. Well we made that simple with our javascript snippet, but who wants to figure out that gobbledy gook. Get the plugin today. Your users can watch crystal-clear videos with no slowdowns or buffering. By now, I don’t think anyone needs to be told how awesome video content is. Added a toggle in the settings to disable our upload acceleration if your WordPress host has issues with it. We wish they would just adjust on their side, but we can be flexible so now you can turn this off in the settings if its giving your web host heartburn . Plugin features: automatically leave comments on YouTube channels or on different YouTube videos, based on a search mechanism Don’t weigh your site down with ordinary players. You will need to sign up for an account at, What happens when different plugins have a CSS conflict? Add Responsive YouTube & Vimeo Video Lightbox Popups to your website with WP Video Popup. SmartVideo is cross-platform and supports all video files. Embed Plus for YouTube is one of the best YouTube WordPress plugins on the market. Using this plugin, you can automatically generate YouTube video comments based on posts you publish (manually or automatically) to your blog. Yottie is a powerful WordPress plugin for YouTube, which your website deserves. Super fast video player and CDN! WP YouTube Lyte : le plugin YouTube pour WordPress pour améliorer la vitesse de chargement de vos vidéos Installations actives : 20 000+ Proposer de la vidéo à vos utilisateurs peut constituer un excellent moyen d’améliorer l’expérience utilisateur, et de les retenir sur votre site. This article helps you to improve your page speed if you are embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress website. A WordPress YouTube embed, YouTube gallery (channel or playlist), and even YouTube livestream or premiere can be customized in a wide variety of ways with this plugin. Essential Grid (premium) Si vous voulez intégrer des grilles de vos vidéos YouTube dans votre site, … Embed Plus for YouTube is the most popular YouTube plugin at WordPress.org, where it’s active on over 200,000 sites. Also, rest assured everything is in there from previous blocks you have inserted, it was just…..hidden. After pulling my hair out for a few days (and, thinking that it was a problem with WordPress plugin, having half a dozen other people attempt to reproduce the issue) I finally tracked it down to this extension. You can use our ELEX Optimize YouTube Videos Embed WordPress Plugin to optimize YouTube Embed videos on your WordPress website. Configure the plugin from Settings -> YouTube Playlist Player. Instalação. Answer: This tutorial will guide you how to show the YouTube video view counts in the grid gallery. Product: WonderPlugin Portfolio Grid Gallery Question: I have a grid gallery of YouTube videos. With more than 200,000 active installs and a 4.6 average rating, this made number one on our list. Each new video is imported as a post with title, description, category, and other data. In this post, we have revealed the best youtube plugins for WordPress. Fixed issue with SmartVideo Classic widget where you would click to specify a YouTube video and the popup to enter it would never show up, For those without that problem, well now is a great time to turn on automatic updates for our plugin if you have the new WordPress 5.5 release. Here's the Billboard Top 25 Songs for example. It’s built on open source technology enhanced with proprietary streaming EdgeAI. In this video, ill cover some of the best membership plugins that i came across using wordpress! Widget Responsive for YouTube lets you embed YouTube videos into your sidebar, pages, and posts without connecting to a YouTube channel. No work needed on your end. With this widget the youtube video i added fittet itself perfectly, no edit/customization needed. Say Goodbye to Related Videos. 8 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins 1) WP YouTube Lyte (Free) WP YouTube Lyte is a fantastic WordPress YouTube plugin that allows you to easily embed YouTube videos into … And if you already have YouTube embeds on your site, the SmartVideo plugin will auto-convert all YouTube embeds to our clean, fast SmartVideo technology. Upload the plugin to the plugins directory via WordPress Plugin Uploader (Plugins->Add New->Upload->Choose File->Install Now) and Activate it. 5 Related YouTube Video Plugins for WordPress; Convert YouTube Videos to WordPress Posts: 5 Plugins; Continue Reading. Fixed a bug causing extra stylesheets to get included in frontend output. With this plugin, you can build your own playlists, automatically generate playlists based on usernames, and create multiple profiles. Maybe I could be wrong but when I was embedding the video link directly into the WordPress Editor or even before that when I was using some other Plugin to embedded the videos; the Youtube Analytics was showing Views from my website in External - Traffic Sources. But if you answered, “. You can add single YouTube videos to the WordPress carousel, or add a YouTube playlist to create a WordPress YouTube playlist carousel. Capture your visitors’ attention and generate more clients, leads, bookings, or sales. Amit Agarwal 30 000+ installations actives Testé avec 3.5.2 Mise à jour il y a 8 ans WP YouTube Lyte The Visual Composer YouTube Channel with Carousel adds new modules for you to insert a customizable channel feel. YouTube is a fantastic video website, use to watch and share videos on web. The setup process of the plugin makes it easy to embed videos to the site. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel gallery, playlist gallery, or YouTube.com… Table of Contents YouTube WordPress […] Installing the CDN plugin is a breeze and the speed is comparable really to a top quality service. WordPress YouTube GalleryPréparez de la meilleure façon possible votre site Web à la diffusion des … Our SmartVideo plugin enables easy video player insertion, giving you total control of your videos in an effortless tool. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. You need to immediately write that the plugin is paid! Great Video Content Playing Experience for Users! This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Afficher un bouton d’abonnement à votre chaîne YouTube sur votre site peut vous permettre d’attirer de nouveaux abonnés, et de la faire découvrir à vos visiteurs. you must host the video, and have clear how it works. Wanted to add a video to the sidebar, but the wordpress video widget is simply not customizable and the video i added would go out of frame. I will be having a tutorial on the ultimate membership pro plugin next month because i felt that it was the easiest to use membership plugin for wordpress.Want to connect with me on social media?Like my Facebook Page! Once you set it and you got it right it's amazing. I am using buddypress and would like to have another buddypress profile tab that will display a gallery of youtube videos (for example, the last 10 videos the member added to their youtube … WordPress YouTube Video Gallery Plugin. SmartVideo is for site owners that want super fast, Netflix-level video load speeds and quality, but can’t spend the time and effort needed to integrate with players, encoding services, and CDN’s. Check the free Elfsight editor to embed YouTube playlist and channel on your website. Avec cette extension WordPress, il devient facile d’incorporer votre chaîne Youtube dans n’importe quel article ou page utilisant le fameux page builder de WPBakery, Visual Composer.Visual Composer YouTube Channel with Carousel vous permet d’ajouter de nouveaux modules où vous pourrez insérer le flux d’une chaîne YouTube avec de bonnes options de personnalisation. Eliminate unwanted overlays, watermarks and recommended videos that distract visitors from your content and leak traffic. Fixed a bug causing WordPress versions < 4.9 to have issues with our plugin. That must be the reason because nobody likes chipmunks, right? It optimizes audio and video for both desktop and mobile. But when I try to load site with internet explorer all goes veeeery slow and with problems… the pages loads on 30 seconds!!! You may want to check out: 8 Awesome YouTube Widget Plugins for WordPress; Add Engaging YouTube Videos To Your Site: 6 WordPress Plugins; 5 Related YouTube Video Plugins for WordPress ; 5 Vimeo Gallery Plugins for WordPress *some of our articles and lists include … These benefits all lead to a better experience for your visitors. But there may be some sneaky conflicts we missed and if you see them, just reach out to support so we can take care of them. Circle – For those inclined to a single side. Do you want to show a playlist of YouTube videos on your website? Never face slow loading video again. Si tout ce dont vous avez besoin est une solution simple pour créer une galerie de vidéos YouTube sur votre site Web, ce plug-in gratuit est une bonne chose à regarder. I’m really a WP beginner. So let’s start with our list; 1. We’re sorry Classic, you are still loved! Updates aren’t cheap—they require lots of development and testing—and the recurring pricing structure reflects the ongoing work that goes into the Plugin. SmartVideo works to provide 8x less buffering, stall-outs and pixelated playbacks than competing video players, and keeps the quality sharp and clear. Elementor Pro giving you heartburn when used with our widget, antacid has arrived. Log in to your WordPress administration panel. It supports all the major platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and Google Drive video. Upload to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/; Activate the plugin on the plugins screen. All video and audio playback works seamlessly. It optimizes audio and video for both desktop and mobile. Le plugin YouTube pour WordPress fantôme : celui pour ajouter un bouton d’abonnement à votre chaîne. However, the key feature is that it’s built for displaying a feed of the latest videos from a channel – not for static galleries. This WordPress plugin embeds a number of YouTube videos that are related to your content. Makes displaying videos so easy and provides a great experience for website users. READ HOW IT WORKS. You can include a thumbnail of a video, too. With SmartVideo, WordPress users can create clean, fast, professional video experiences in a matter of minutes. Video player and unlimited video hosting built to work for WordPress users. This has been fixed. The WordPress YouTube playlist carousel will automatically and dynamically retrieve… Das Plugin greift auf normale YouTube-Links zurück und übernimmt das oEmbed von WordPress Core. It’s up to you with a new plugin setting that enables imported captions from your YouTube videos to be shown at the click of a button. Updated for 2020. And there support r completely bullshit. While games are good for humans, it’s not good for our Gutenberg block editor to play hide & seek with your block attributes. Embed Plus for YouTube: Embed Plus for YouTube is the best choice to embed the quality videos to your wordpress website. It allows selecting the desired channels and even single videos for creating your own playlist right on your website. This means you can embed any YouTube video, even if it is not from your own channel. Installation. In this post, we have revealed the best youtube plugins for WordPress. Tired of your brand being overshadowed by YouTube’s on your own site? Our SmartVideo widget can now dynamically load both the video source and/or poster image from any Elementor Pro dynamic tag. Alternativ kann ein YouTube-Link für ein Video oder eine ganze Playlist mit „httpv“ statt „http(s)“ hinzugefügt werden. This beta plugin… Gutenberg Team 300,000+ active installations Tested with 5.5.3 Updated 2 weeks ago Test jQuery Updates (4 total ratings) Test different versions of jQuery and jQuery UI. No buffering is the biggest reason to get SmartVideo but wait there are a plethora of features included with this thing... Naughty code was hiding the URL you set when you specified direct video URL’s in our SmartVideo block. https://www.facebook.com/DarrelWilson03/Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wpDarrelConnect With Me On https://www.Wpfriends.comAdd me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrel-wi...Stay up to date with wordpress topics, visit my website at https://www.darrelwilson.com With SmartVideo, WordPress users can create clean, fast, professional video experiences in a matter of minutes. Search for: TheCryptoPlus; TheXpensive; MrHacker; WSO Premium; AdsXyz Network; TheCryptoPlus; TheXpensive; MrHacker; WSO Premium; AdsXyz Network YouTube Embed is a one-of-a-kind plugin for adding videos to your WordPress website. Quick, efficient, and beautiful. Is this possible? This video gallery add-on enables you to input all your YouTube video links at once and then … If you want to have a proper video set up for courses or video on your site with a different video player and a great speed look no further. Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin. It is well loaded with features that help you in the improvement of your website. Use the most responsive player that optimizes for all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, Prevent browsers from forcing full-screen playback, Want a WordPress video plugin that does all the heavy lifting, Need WordPress video hosting that won’t break the bank, Need a WordPress YouTube plugin that converts embeds automatically, Are tired of slow WordPress video load speeds affecting their site. If you have some issue or question open a ticket, they're fast and reply in a professional and problem solving oriented way. I want to show the number of video views served from YouTube. But we educated it and all of your quoting issues have been resolved. There’s no encoding, no API, no uploading, no choosing bitrates, and no programmer required. Alvin, alvin, ALVIN? Great work guys and thanks for allowing access to this fantastic tool! In this video, ill cover some of the best membership plugins that i came across using wordpress! All SmartVideo players now allow viewers to change the playback speed to suit their preferences. You can activate your API key and start your plugin. Yottie WordPress plugin is designed specialy for those who want to use YouTube videos on WordPress sites or blogs in a maximum performance and best user experience. Look for “YouTube Showcase” and click Activate. You can now statically configure the Swarmify CDN key in advance from your ‘wp-config.php’ file. Yottie is a premium plugin to integrate your YouTube channel with your WordPress blog. Video formats supported: MP4, M3U8, HLS, MPEG-DASH, WEBM, and VP 8/9 file formats. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Keep your video content organized for SEO purposes by automatically assigning video posts into pre existing categories and attach them tags or video taxonomies for an improved, user friendly WordPress … The plugin also provides widgets compatible with the standard WordPress editor, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and KingComposer. Sometimes it’s fun to revert to our inner child and play games like hide & seek. All of the Swarmlings: Moved lesser used options to a collapsed, Pro Customers: Configure a watermark for your video. Even if you’re just embedding other people’s videos from YouTube or another service, properly using video does a great job of keeping your visitors engaged and will likely increase your time on page (a good proxy for engagement).. If you answered Style Battle Royale, well then you are an interesting person who is probably fun at parties. I mean we’re stylish, but no need for excess styling! After installing the plugin and running through a brief setup, everything just works––automatically! I have a YouTube channel with around 30 VideoDemo and a page, in WordPress, with 30 lines that shortly describe this VideoDemo. It supports all the popular external video platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Google drive videos and so on. In this video I show you how to install and configure a social sharing plugin called "Sassy Social share" on your Wordpress website. Step 1: Installing the WordPress YouTube Embed plugin. Copy the “youtube-showcase” folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation. WOW the features are not just talk they actually deliver on what's printed on the tin! Namespaced the SmartVideo player CSS styles so that conficts between our video player and those included via your theme or other plugins should be eliminated. (Don’t worry, manual closed caption config is coming soon……), Accelerate your video uploads with new faster, better, stronger video uploading behind the scenes. The easiest and fastest installation without coding skills required; The clean design that will perfectly blend in with any WordPress website style.