And with all the competition out there, many cargo van makers are taking fuel efficiency very seriously, with some vans ranging 22 miles a gallon. While you might think power mirrors are just a luxury, you won’t be able to easily reach across and adjust them when needed. Here’s another compact cargo van for you to consider. As such, the company van is a core purchase that defines the kind of work you carry out, the types of customers you serve, and the sorts of employees you hire. The Express Cargo Van has a full-frame design with an incredibly powerful engine, plus it has a ton of cargo room and available technology. We are buying NVs as our new go-to. However, if you don’t want to invest that much in the initial purchase or in ongoing maintenance, there are plenty of other viable options. Just like other family vans, the difference is that these cars are … In addition, some first-generation Savanas have a hydraulic pump driveshaft which makes drivers increase their steering effort. “We have eight of them, and they all have issues,” writes an HVAC shop owner from Illinois. 2007 (07) Ford Transit 140 T350 LWB High-Top 4 Seater Crewvan LOW MILEAGE Sawston, Cambridgeshire 2007 (07) Ford Transit 140 T350 LWB High-Top 4 seater crew van, genuine 90,000 miles with service history, MOT September 2021, security padlocks on rear and side loading doors, air con, remote locking, very clean van having been used for carpet deliv Our readers had lots of good things to say about it. EPA ratings aren’t always top of mind for the segment’s shoppers, but the best fuel-efficient minivans do return noticeable advantages over the worst. But mileage and age are usually the two best indicators on a vehicles overall reliability. Of course, you’re going to pay more for this style and additional power. The van with the fewest recommendations from our readers is the Dodge ProMaster. The City Express is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 131 horsepower. Renault Trafic. This makes it simple to pull right up to a loading dock. You can transform the van to be as comfortable and practical as you need. Best High-Mileage Used Cars. That’s where the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes in. The Coolest CAR-B-Q Grills Around for Cooking Out this Holid... 15 of the Baddest Modern Custom Trucks and Pickup Truck Conc... 7 Custom Truck Accessories for All Pickup Owners, The Coolest, Weirdest, Wildest Car - Boat Mashups Ever, 10 Souped Up Cars Straight From the Factory, Copyright © 2021 Autowise. The vans listed below are the ones most commonly recommended by HVAC business owners but their recommendations definitely apply to contractors of all trades. Here’s what you need to know. In fact, many SUVs – even those with three rows – earn better EPA-estimated fuel economy. The worst features are the outside mirrors and the cargo doors, be ready to replace the plastic clips that hold the latch actuator rods. Of course, having some money in the bank can be a lot of fun, too. We’d probably all love to be able to purchase a brand-new vehicle outright, taking advantage of the latest technology and the newest styling to complement the appeal of our business. One review came out and said, “I have owned over 20 of these vehicles and would recommend it over any other full size van. The Ford Transit handles smoothly and boasts a high cargo capacity and good safety features, including ABS and driveline traction control, but some owners report reliability problems. It might be on the expensive side, but you get a big loading capacity, good mileage, and loads of features with this diesel van. Great durability and power. This makes it easy to fill the van with more supplies so you can be ready for any situation. A New Jersey HVAC shop owner writes. It does have front wheel drive and wide door openings. 5 Year Savings:-$1,000 Alternative Fuel: The vans you and your employees drive say a lot about the standards of professionalism your company adheres to. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Kastenwagen – Exterieur, Brillantsilber Metallic, Hinterradantrieb // Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van – Exterior, brilliant silver metallic, Rear-wheel drive. Research the latest Minivan/Van models. If you need something less expensive, then the Nissan NV would be our second pick. The result is 24 mpg city/25 mpg hwy, which is some of the best gas mileage of any new cargo van. 2019 Ford Transit XLT. The Ram ProMaster City may not stand head and shoulders above the rest of the vans on this list, but it meets solid benchmarks for capacity, traction control, reliability, and fuel economy, at a reasonable sticker price. Unlike Chevy, Ford did make updates to their commercial vehicle lineup. It does have front wheel drive and wide door openings. We have 465 Ram Vans for sale that are reported accident free, 412 1 … Choose from the 2500 or 2500 Express. Gas mileage should be a priority. The smaller vans may be more efficient. View our list of the best minivans for 2019 and 2020. The list of latest Low Mileage Used vans for sale, mileage up to 19999 ads. Designed for engines with more than 75,000 miles, Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage oil is based on a semi-synthetic blend. Of course, anything with a V8 engine is going to guzzle the gas. They also don’t have much in the way of modern safety or technology. An HVAC company owner out of Oregon says. It doesn’t have as much space and capacity as its competitors but you do get three wheelbase lengths, passenger or cargo variants. I'll drive or fly to salt free states when buying something older than 10 yrs. Only flaw is the emergency brake between seats”. Search unlimited mileage lease vans by term; 37 month (2) 49 month (2) 60 month (2) Search by CO2 emissions. These are things you should measure. If you need an area to work, the passenger seat folds forward which reveals a plastic panel to set your laptop. All but worthless. “We had two, including one with shelving, ladder racks and a conduit box, and one without that we used to pick up orders as needed. Sure, the Sprinter offers lots of space, but it doesn’t have the maneuverability that the smaller Metris does. If you’re a member of the ‘miles high’ club, then the best cars for high mileage will be those that are economical, reliable, comfortable and generally geared towards the type of driving you do most, whether that's mainly cruising up and down the motorway, a wide mix of roads or urban commuting. When it’s time to add to your fleet, make sure you’ve done your research to ensure you choose the right vehicles for your company. No Accident or Damage Reported. All in all, you might end up with a lot of repairs when you purchase one of these work vans. If you spend any time driving through cities, you’ll want to seriously consider the maneuverability of your van. In addition, the fuel economy isn’t spectacular. However, some people prefer minivans due to features like accommodating third-row seats, convenient sliding side doors, and abundant cargo capacity. great Value. Created with a focus on helping drivers of SUVs, crossovers and light-duty trucks experience ecologically friendly… The sticker price and cargo capacity might not look bad on paper, but reliability issues and mechanical problems are what kept the ProMaster from winning over owners. Many of these are covered by recalls including the brake rotors that prematurely crack. Primary Fuel: Regular Gasoline Class: Vans, Cargo Type Avg. As it’s a Mercedes, you can add-on extras. If you work in a snow climate, you might not appreciate the handling of the rear-wheel drive on the Transit. Once you customize and upfit it with your accessories, you could spend more money than you planned. People aren’t going to tow anything when they have all this space, so it shouldn’t be an issue for most consumers. If you put shelves in it, that’s it. Rea Regan is the Marcom Manager at Connecteam, is responsible for ensuring customer success and is a dedicated author for Connecteam’s business blog. You might even see powertrain control module issues and cases when the engine won’t start. If you’re in business, you know how crucial it is to make a positive first impression. The gas mileage isn’t terrible, but it comes with a fairly high price, for the smallest cargo space on this list, and many drivers report issues with reliability. You’ll have the best idea of what you need from your fleet of work vans, so you’ll know if it works for you or not. That being said, before you make your next cargo van purchase, make sure you’re buying a quality vehicle that’s capable of meeting the demands of your trade. Plus, it has a 1,500-pound load capacity. Make sure you also check for recalls and get any repairs done that are needed. Guys are all envious of the guy with one. And, they last longer, so the return on investment is worth it,” writes an HVAC shop owner in Atlanta. Before we go over some of the top tracking solutions, let’s dive into the importance of fleet management first! It also features a payload rating of 1,885 pounds. This is caused by the ignition coils that can crack and allow arcing to occur. And when pretty much every software vendor claims to […], It’s not surprising that with so many different trucking dispatch software providers, it can be overwhelming to even search for the right solution. That leaves the Express outdated in comparison to other models. The main difference with this compared to other cargo vans is that it features front-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive. In addition, it has limited safety features when compared to other models. The van we most highly recommend for heavy-duty work is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. That’s why we recommend taking a tape measure with you while you shop for work vans. But, if you need one of the best commercial vehicles, this won’t disappoint. If maneuverability is something you need, then we recommend taking an extended test drive. You’ll find a range of work van sizes, so you’ll have to choose what works for you. The E-Series is a legendary work van, but they do have issues. So what’s the catch? The more area you have, the more you can expect to pay for your work vans. The only downside is that the towing capacity is not up to par. An HVAC company owner from Montreal writes: We have three going on four vans, and Sprinter is far better in fuel economy. How long is the cargo space? Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. The Chevrolet Express may lack the cargo room and traction control features common in the other commercial vans on this list, but its reputation for reliability and low maintenance needs have earned it a following, among many of our readers. Best Gas Mileage Minivans and Vans- 2007 Love 'em or hate 'em, minivans are the people-mover of choice for budget-concious families around the globe. Driving a full-size van maximizes the potential of small business owners and contractors. the average annual mileage is 3x more and a van will go on to do 3x more. First, they tend to have a rough engine and misfires during acceleration. When choosing a cargo van, you have to choose an incredibly fuel efficient van – not only will it help the environment but you’ll also get better mileage for less money. You can streamline communication, give employees a platform to be heard, boost engagement, strengthen the company culture, align employees with company policies, streamline daily operations, build professional skills and so much more. commonly recommended by HVAC business owners, Calendly – Yuval 20-Minutes – Comms Healthcare, Calendly – Yuval 20-Minutes – Comms Manufacturing, Calendly – Yuval 20-Minutes – Ops Cleaning, Calendly – Yuval 20-Minutes – Ops Security, LP – ABM: Employee communication LifePointHealth, LP – LI – Employee Communication Healthcare, LP – LI – Employee Communication Manufacturing, LP MOBILE: Employee Clock In Clock Out App, LP: Employee Timesheet Management Software. Advertisement - … You’ll also face a crankshaft position sensor problems and issues with the fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump. The 2009 Toyota Sienna packs a high-quality interior, which makes it one of the top minivans in the class. Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Synthetic Blend. This allows you to take a trailer along as well. Most cargo vans available today are far more efficient and a lot of them are comparable to that of a big sedan. If you need to carry substantial loads then this is something worth considering. Base models tend to lack any decent audio system, keyless entry, and power accessories. You can get away with purchasing one of the cheaper options new for just over $20k.