which A few mad cocker spaniel problems! If you practice the above exercises each time you have visitors, your pet will soon learn that: Allow your Cocker to pick up the treat, but ask your visitor to continue ignoring him. might suggest that your Cocker stays with them for a few days so they can monitor his behavior for themselves before deciding which is the most suitable therapy for your dog. ', 'I'm hungry', or 'I'm bored', to a warning of potential danger...'Hey mom, there's a prowler outside!'. Giving your dog attention when he 'demands' it by barking will just confirm to him that his barking get's him exactly what he wants. If you have a puppy with an excessive barking problem, and the above simply isn't working for you, you may find this article called 'How To Stop Your Puppy Barking' very useful to help you nip it in the bud. Open the door slowly and a sk your guest to ignore your dog; they shouldn''t let him interact with your visitor just yet. methods listed below follow a punishment based approach (and/or are a last resort) to prevent a About Cocker Spaniels is owned by Pauline Simpson Copyright © 2008 – All Rights Reserved. It is not intended to replace the advice and treatment of your veterinarian. He'll soon get the message! Absolutely beautiful. Because they are small dogs, owners are less likely to notice the early signs of aggression in cocker spaniels, and may even reward it by comforting or petting a … However, where the cause can't be removed, you must find other ways to address it. Learn how to quickly & easily train your Cocker Spaniel & avoid frustrating problems today! Remove the problem and you'll likely stop your dog barking. If As soon as Archie was let out of the sitting room to where I was in the hallway, he was barking at me loudly, jumping up at me and although I was aware of his mouth he stopped short of nipping. Information and advice given on this site is meant for educational purposes only. Why your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel may be Barking. Cocker Spaniels can be high strung, vocal dogs, so your Cocker Spaniel is particularly prone to develop a habit of barking at delivery people. A stranger approaches your dog's territory, your dog barks, the stranger leaves, your Cocker Spaniel wins! Don't allow dog barking to become a problem because once your dog has gotten into the habit of barking, it's very difficult to stop. If you enjoyed this page, please click on the 'Like' button below and tell your friends about us. Cocker Spaniel Training Tips How to train a Cocker Spaniel at home. One of the best and easiest remedies to stop your dog barking is to teach your dog to bark and then teach him to stop. If you've taught him the "Be Quiet" command, use that but add something like, 'it's okay', or 'we're ... Read More about Ask Alecia: How Can I Stop My Dog From Barking at Visitors? If you taught your puppy the 'Be Quiet' command when you first brought him home, you're unlikely to have a barking problem with your dog. It is not intended to replace the advice and treatment of your veterinarian. In the above examples, it was the causes of the dog barking that needed to be addressed, not the barking itself. Choose words you feel comfortable using and stick with them. Your Spaniel needs at least an hour's walk and 15-20 minutes play each day to burn off energy; more if you have the time. One of the down sides to a correction collar is that another dog's barking can set it off. unsociable and annoying as it is) and he's barking simply for the sake The American Kennel Club recognized the two breeds as separate in 1946. Leave it too long and he won't make that connection. You can use an ordinary toy water pistol or garden spray bottle, simply fill it with water or water and lemon juice. his pack leader) have investigated and have decided that there was no If you taught your puppy the '' command when you first brought him home, you''slip''re training your dog and what you''s important that you don''re about to open. Since it is also a form of communication, owners often discern the needs and wants of a cocker spaniel by learning to listen to its bark vocabulary. The worse thing you can do to stop your dog barking is to shout at him, but as frustrated dog owners, this is sometimes exactly what we do! A bored cocker will do whatever it takes to entertain himself, and that often means barking at that falling leaf or at the imaginary danger on the other side of the fence. Vocal pets can sometimes drive you (and your neighbors) to distraction, barking at The problem with a spray that you activate is that he can only be 'punished' for barking when you're around; if he barks when you're not around he won't be sprayed which results in inconsistency, making this method slightly less effective. A dog barking for a prolonged period usually means that there's something wrong and he's trying to let you know. When you get to this stage, open the door and invite your guest in. Be consistent. If your Cocker Spaniel is comfortable he's less likely to have a reason for barking...so make him comfortable and the barking will stop. put your dog into his crate or bed or ask him to sit well away from the door you're about to open. Explain that you're training your dog and what you're trying to achieve and ask him to stand outside your door. If Once approved for financing you can pay off your pet in 30 days with the same as cash option if your budget allows, or you can continue to make payments until your purchase is paid off. Dogs barking when visitors arrive, or when someone approaches the front door, is a good thing, right? A lovable and sweet dog with an ever-wagging tail, the Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful hunting breed. There are many owners who recommend using a barking correction collar on their dogs, usually because all else has failed. dog barking. Sign up to our quarterly e-zine for new articles, top tips, competitions and lots more. quietly and patiently until our visitors have entered the house and are Photo Credits for Stop Dog Barking:1. it's okay for our pets to bark when we have guests arriving, or when Apart from being harsh (and in some cases, downright cruel!) I accept and expect her to bark a little when someone comes to the door but she doesnt just bark a little, she goes beserk!. Most Cocker Spaniels enjoy being outdoors, but unfortunately some turn into barking demons as soon as they're let out into the garden. Common health issues include glaucoma, cataracts, spinal problems, and skin problems. happen and this unpleasant experience will make him think twice about barking again, and eventually he will stop barking completely. If you practice the above exercises each time you have visitors, your pet will soon learn that: I hope that some of the above advice above works for you and that your dogs barking soon becomes a thing of the past. On one hand, it is a boon during the hunts as it helps in flushing out the prey, be it a pheasant or a rabbit. Home; Questions About Dogs; ... Cocker Spaniels Barking At Night?