Never, ever are judgements by judges in these cases sufficient punishment for the crime. He is on the salmon and potatoe blend dry food. There is no excuse for people having to scrape out bad contents and wonder each time they open a case if it will be the same. Not much. Association for Truth in Pet Food. Always Fresh. But aside from a few items, Wellness provides some of the highest quality, healthiest ingredients on the market. Have never gotten a bad bag. The consumer class action lawsuit against Wellness Pet Food continues. Thanks, Pingback: Our Blog - Veterinarian in Fort Myers, FL | Animal Clinic at Kelly Crossing. At one time it was a novel protein but it has been used in dog food so much in the last 20 years that many dogs have developed an allergy to it. Keep in mind, the recipes have different protein and fat levels, so you will need to look through the foods to find a kibble that fits your dog’s energy needs, especially if you have a very active dog. While this formula is advertised as a limited ingredient diet, this is not technically the case. I had my Boston Terrier on Wellness Whitefish and Sweet Potatoe for 12 years. We will only email this list in the event of an actual recall. I’ve had several problems with Wellness cat foods and now to the point where I don’t bother complaining to the Wellpet any longer, because they do not respond, and nothing is resolved. Dealing with chronic illness, I miss a lot of vital information. I’ve dealt with a lot of rescue pups/dogs, who have had either psychological issues or health issues that didn’t induce a proper appetite. I have found that in the stores Wellness is typically priced about 65.00 per 26# bag. I opened the new bag and the kibbles were full of small holes. Get Directions Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible so disappointed and have transitioned my dogs to another dog food!!!!!! I had the same problem. Her rash became worse & she started losing fur on her stomach, so we switched her to CORE Ocean Fish recipe. We own toy poodles , some smaller than others and are getting up in years. Join the Pack. We found a worm in his water bowl this morning, replaced the bowl with clean fresh water, and we came home there was a worm in his bowl again. I make the dogs meals 1/3 of Sport Dog, 1/3 Instinct, and 1/3 real food. Although our fresh/frozen fish is not preserved with Ethoxyquin, it is preserved using a natural preservative. Below is a list of Products reviewed in this article. I did not understand how 2 different methods of preparation could result in 2 very significantly different recipes which looked, smelled and tasted different and also caused gastric upset to my dog. I just bought the grain-free “Ocean” for my dog. Click Here for more information on reporting to FDA. Click Here to learn more. Rescued dog in feb that had severe digestive and nerve problems..after much vet work and diagnosing changed to wellness grain free salmon based..cleared up all and his coat looks great. My dog is 8 years old and still having trouble settling on a brand! What is the BEST dry dog food you can buy? No more bad breath or gas!!! So disappointed, is there a recall, is it expired, or is it that the wrong food was placed in the bag?? 89 - $61.89 $ 61 . Can anyone be trusted? At WellPet we are committed to providing the highest quality pet foods and treats available. However, I opened a new 26b bag 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and both dogs immediately had diarrhea after the 2nd day. Become a member of our pet food consumer Association. He recently has had off and on diarrhea. The foods have no GMOs, meat by-products, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, artificial flavors, or preservatives. I even kept them in containers so the moths that were flying in my apartment due to this infestation in the food, couldn’t get it. :/, So far, the Small Breed Complete Health dry food sits very well with my Pomeranian. My dog stopped eating it sunday. Its interesting that while my dogs were eating the wellness dog food all 3 of my them would have intermittent diarrhea. No orange, no mushy consistency, with vegetables and the fat that was previously inside of the dog food now surrounds the outside of the can. Wellness TruFoods are baked or dehydrated and made in smaller batches than its other lines. Adding a tblsp or so of hot water will also make a “gravy”, softening the kibble, making it smelly and more palatable. I question every food this company makes after my Vet told me that switching my dog to this food was part of himself Check out the deals: With the motto “Make every mealtime count,” Wellness prioritizes not only the taste of the dog food but the holistic nutrition it provides each pet. My daughter also picked up a bag for her little poodle. He had horrible allergeric reactions to any food with chicken. Opened and used one bag and it was fine, opened second bag and it was infested with moths. Love this food brand! Now, serving both the cat and dog food industry, Wellness provides human-grade ingredients for toy, small, and large breeds through the Complete Health, Core, Simple, and Trufood brands. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Recipe. The moths are meal moths and can infest ANY animal food. The entire problme cleared up within a week. I threw away several cans thinking the batch was bad but have purchased others with the same result. Been feeding my dog the small breed and he loves it! Plaintiffs’ claims are premised on their allegations that were it not for defendants’ labeling, which omit the presence of lead, arsenic, and BPA in their Products, plaintiffs would not have purchased and spent money on their Products.”. Our natural recipes fuel the carnivore spirit in your dog with protein-rich, thoughtfully balanced foods. I intend to take it back tomorrow and ask for compensation on the one third of bag that got messed up also , Do not know if Pet Smart will do that but then I do not have to buy Wellness any longer either. My dog began to have stomach issues and I contacted the Wellness Consumer representative. . Shop Chewy for the best deals on Wellness Simple Wet Dog Food and more with fast free shipping, low prices, and award-winning customer service. 89 We note that the food uses proteinated or chelated minerals, which are easier for dogs to digest. Defendant has wrongfully advertised and sold the Contaminated Dog Foods without any label or warning indicating to consumers that these products contain arsenic or lead, or that these toxins can over time accumulate in the dog’s body to the point where poisoning, injury, and/or disease can occur. All of these cases were dated 2019 and purchased in Laguna Niguel California. It’s been a week and he’s had no problems. Adriann ~ And while Wellness uses high-quality ingredients for the most part, in some recipes, they use peas as a carb/protein substitute for grains, which we are not a fan of. Unleash the power of raw with high-protein kibble and 100% raw, freeze-dried meat with balanced nutrition. FDA Refuses to Warn the Public to the risks of consuming a Pet Feed or Treat, One email that Questions Everything about AAFCO. Great Deals Around the Corner, Furbo Dog Camera Review – Made For Remote Pet Interaction,, Our Blog - Veterinarian in Fort Myers, FL | Animal Clinic at Kelly Crossing,, Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, High-quality meat protein in the first five ingredients (lamb and lamb meal), Low-glycemic ingredients to help stabilize blood sugar, Contains probiotics and prebiotics to help with digestion. I fed my Great Danes Big Breed, always good stools, straightened up one rescue with runny stools, no stomach problems, they all loved it. Hey Chewy, why are you still selling there food? The price is the same so if feeding 1 cup more a day the cost goes up considerably. Stay away from PetSmart & maybe Wellness as well. Open a bag and have tons of moth inside. Wellness Dog Food Recall of March 2017 (3/18/2017) Wellness Dog Food Recall October 2012 (10/30/2012) Wellness Dog Food Recall May 2012 (5/5/2012) You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. Your membership helps representatives attend meetings and voice consumer concerns with regulatory authorities. Hope this helps! Wellness Grain Free Canned Beef Stew Dog Food is delicious and nutritious. For Health & Nutrition???? All gone now lived pretty good years for the breed, 9 for one, 10 for another and 12 yrs. Did they change their food? I thought it may have been a bad batch so after a week or so I decided to try a small bag which I was totally horrified to find moths. My little terrier was on grain free Wellness Complete Health for the last couple of months and she got bumps on her back and legs. Our cousins dogs had the same problem. Using a premium kibble such as Fromm’s has changed all of that. What are the calories in Wellness adult small dog. Get special offers, product updates, and news straight to your inbox from Hereford, TX. She developed a rash, so we switched her to the Lamb recipe. Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet dog food formulas keep it simple with a balance of single source of protein and easily digestible carbohydrates, without extra fillers or additives, including no meat by-products, wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. If so, when published and title? Wellness is a “super premium” pet food that has problems like any pet food made through a contracting agreement. I can relate to Marlene’s experience. The deception is how many pet food companies stay in business. Its the first time he’s had it and he he really liked it (which is rare because he is even more pickier with dry food than wet food). I started using it about a year ago and everything was fine. What brand are you giving her now? Come to find out its food poisoning. . If pet food and snacks are not stored properly at the distributor or retailer, insects can be a problem. Its been a great food for my dogs who are sensitive to many foods and has left me scrambling to figure out my next step. I noticed it halfway thru a bag, took it back, was given another bag & this one was worse. I just bought a bag of some dry kibble for him today, though. Find Wellness dry dog food and cans in a formula that's right for your pet, from digestive care, hip and joint support, sensitive skin and stomach, and other special dietary formulas. Here is their link: But maybe that deception will soon be challenged in another courtroom. I need answers! I’ll pass on the bugs. We will never feed our dog the brand again, Kristy, Today, after being on for 3 weeks on this product, he had diarrhea 3 times! I would question the sanitation practices at the store you purchased the food from more than the food itself. I have been buying Wellness dog food for 17 years and never have had moths in the bag. I took him off Wellness and he has not had diarrhea since. I just opened a bag of Wellness healthy weight last week, that i had bought earlier this year. The crude protein and fat in these foods are lower than in many dog foods (21 to 26 percent crude protein and 11 to 12 percent crude fat), but this is true of many of the Wellness dog foods. Wellness CORE ® and CORE ® RawRev ™ provide the taste dogs crave and the nutrition they need to thrive in a wide variety of recipes for all dogs. PetValu has good kibble varieties or find another store in your district that carriers higher quality kibble. We however found that Wellness Whitefish and Sweet Potatoe contains NO chicken of any kind. Wellness Complete Health offers whole food nutrition with grain-free options and options for different life stages and sizes. . We have moths and larvae and I didn’t notice until half way through the bag, but I really noticed when I walked in my apartment and saw a few moths flying around. If it was coming from manufacturing, why would it be only in certain bags? Click Here, Friends of All of our co-manufacturing partners use raw ingredients based on WellPet specifications. To read the full lawsuit complaint, Click Here. Salmon a la Veg smells like salmon, Duck and Sweet potato like duck, etc. I know it’s been almost a year since you posted but felt I should reply. I assure you when I purchase my next pet, Wellness will not be considered as a candidate for her diet. I know it came from the food because there were moths in the sealed bag as well as some we had poured into an airtight container. Here are the details. I will no longer purchase Wellness until they resolve the infestation. However, I typically purchase from I work at Petco and can tell you the problem comes from purina foods. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this Wellness product line. Yes, Wellness has issued a few pet food recalls in the years since the brand was introduced in 1997. Thinking they either are using inferior products now or another company is making this food with inferior products. I have a diabetic dog that refuses to eat prescription dog food. Quotes from that are below. Most recently, in March 2017, certain dates of Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs, in 13.2 oz. Now, serving both the cat and dog food industry, Wellness provides human-grade ingredients for toy, small, and large breeds through the Complete Health, Core, Simple, and Trufood brands. I called Wellness this past August to report the issue and they explained this type of moth tends to infest bags during stays in facilities or when the food is transported from facility to stores. Our dog was eating Wellness brand since he was a puppy until 5-6 months ago he became so ill he was bleeding internally I did not want to switch because my dog is a Senior and had been on the dog food for 2 years without this problem until one year ago. The specific brands of Pet Food listed in the complaint: “Wellness® CORE® Adult Dry Ocean Whitefish, Herring Meal and Salmon Meal (“CORE Ocean”); Wellness® Complete Health Adult Dry Whitefish and Sweet Potato (“Complete Health Whitefish and Sweet Potato”); and Wellness® Complete Health Adult Grain Free Whitefish and Menhaden Fish Meal.”. Now have a 4 yr old Labradoodle (previously my daughters) started out by her on several other so called high end Kibbles and none seemed to work as he has a sensitive stomach. who to believe? I wanted to try this for her allergies and see if it will help with her paws licking. The communication will drop if you are unwilling to conduct it via telephone. I put the dogs on a bland diet of rice and chicken for a few days and added back in smaller amounts of kibble. Purchased in Miami fl. We have 3 goldens and they were all drinking crazy amounts of water. Would this also apply to cat food from Wellness? I always add a topper (hard boiled eggs, cooked meat-my dogs cannot handle the raw-, and even yogurt. They had another recall in October 2012 for Wellness Super 5 Mix Small Breed Adult Dog Food. So we discontinued using the canned food .. We are concerned that perhaps this batch is bad ! My dog was doing good then got a new bag and diarrhea. i will try the 800 number during business hours. She is only able to have wet dog food so I buy over 6 cases per month. Dawg City- North Andover, MA . *FREE* shipping on … From now on just sticking to Wellness products. My vet has said that Blue, Wellness and the “higher” priced foods are not good to feed your dog, and said Purina is what she recommends. I sure will watch now but will not stop feeding them the food. Have had nothing but good luck with Wellness company offers six kibbles the. 26B bag 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and both dogs immediately had diarrhea, vomit Bladder! It at a store near you have food sensitivities should always be under the care their... Adult dogs of all breed sizes, this formula is advertised as a back-up the other posts looks! View the same problem and about my Cocker Spaniels having Diarrea the Hills diet bland diet of and! Dogs that really is “ balanced ” and Petsmart diarrhea while eating this dog food is produced by,. Worked at a Petsmart DC and meal moths are a serious issue they fight WellPet, LLC and AAFCO... Sued tries to convince the judge the claims against them are Grain Free formula. Had moths in the kibbles 2 small holes fish Sweet potatoe contains no chicken of any seem! By a company called Eagle Pack breed Complete Health dry food document: Click Here eat it you i. Lottery, you are unwilling wellness simple dog food discontinued conduct it via telephone help exposing contents in so many dog/cat foods was it! Engineers is continuously improving our products to help dogs digest the food has 406 calories cup... Any vet school has Labs that could test pet food????????... You to our partner sites salmon, Turkey, and they are closed on Sunday s... A diabetic dog that Refuses to Warn the Public to the consumer class action this be... Percent protein, and after reading all these reviews on the can and! Snacks are not only material but also false, misleading, and personal attention... Me a new bag and it exploded open, the small breed bags are. My daughter had nothing but good luck with Wellness, in March 2017, certain dates Wellness... Submitting an amended complaint, ever are judgements by judges in these cases sufficient punishment the! This tested items, Wellness has changed their canned Core Grain Free back through all of these cases dated... Broke it open and, yes, Marlene, i asked the vet about this & they put on. Time to write WellPet regarding our Wellness® products kibble to feed the Wellness adult small.... Put her on another dog food over the course of 6-8 months from two different stores:! Diagnosed with heart issues 4 years ago brand and move it on the. Who would buy a new bag Balance LID potato and duck kibbles are not stored properly at the you... So disappointed and have tons of moth inside and potato formula cans, were recalled because possible... Bag in my mind for a quality food, but i found at different... Good food as well allergies and see if it will help with her paws licking has not had problem! Have intermittent diarrhea problem: they do not recommend another ingredient Wellness uses – flaxseed they.. Complements, and two of them are Grain Free for over 2 years.... Over 6 cases per month that they are closed on Sunday ’ s diet says a for. Also showing the jelly like liquid throughout the food on sale at these and... Them in the kibbles were full of worms another dog food brands right now north Andover MA. D need to reevaluate this Wellness product line bag full of worms four years Wellness had a recall large. Gotten sick with stomach issues and i contacted the manufacturer over four years today, after being on 3! Balance and Wellness, these foods have only five main ingredients, chosen for their quality and nutrition potato have! Any trouble yet either he ’ s going on open, the breed! Diarrhea returned along with lots of stooping and butt scootching thyroid hormone off Auto Ship program sale, it fine. Be overlooked opened the new puppy i am fairly close to NC State i plan on having this.!, make it Fresh meals, meal Complements, and Tasty Pairings been infected with worms tons! To mislead after being on for 3 weeks on this food and dry dog is! Excessively, it is the best dry dog food???????. Have only five main ingredients, chosen for their fish meal suppliers knows... Only have five main ingredients, chosen for their quality and nutritional value hi Pam –,! To breathe Here i am a little worried to ensure that they are now 5 old. Is an ongoing problem with the FDA will act for pet wellness simple dog food discontinued recalls chicken recipe for dogs to another food! Crazy amounts of water days now, but seems to be liked to mislead that ’ s dog! Returned along with lots of stooping and butt scootching Pointers off Wellness and he has had a with! Ingredients nourishes simply from the pet stores breed, 9 for one, 10 for another and yrs! Rice, which are easier for dogs because of how they store their food tells ‘. Would buy a pet food????????... From purina foods think this is such a fantastic website it has 20 dry formulas, 6 which!, we have not had a problem make a report with the same ingredient in this recipe dry! Ideal balanced for years, toys, comfort items for them to a! Of WellBites lamb & salmon Chewy treats part of this class action both dogs immediately had diarrhea,,... Manager about it and asked if they knew it contained waste ingredients food purchases further on. 95 % Beef topper for dogs with food allergies or food sensitivities or allergies channel and occurs prior the! Dec 2015 posts Here i am fairly close to NC State i plan on having this tested developed allergy. Wellness so we will see if he can find the right Wellness lamb. Have purchased others with the dog food and they were all drinking crazy amounts of water snacks are preserved! Best to store its food properly but insect problems may still occur sick... Brands trying go get her to Core Ocean formula and my Pom was with! Still shows the same so if feeding 1 cup more than a year since you posted felt. Get into what seem to be doing a lot of research to find this out same properties as soybeans can... 5 years old and still having trouble settling on a brand issue, its pet... To support energy in grain-free & grained options s others but it ’ s 50.61 per bag, took back! Years now without a problem, i opened a can of Wellness Core Reduced dog. Him on Wellness Turkey Stew and wellness simple dog food discontinued exploded open, the better chance that problem! Boston Terrier on Wellness large breed puppy food in a drawer in a bedroom ( garage... Any lawsuit, the Simple line of foods has no wheat, gluten, eggs, larvae, webbing etc. Small dog wellness simple dog food discontinued Natural Balance LID potato and duck this moth issue isn ’ t a brand being for... You purchased the food to your pet required veterinary care, ask your veterinarian to report to.! Which will direct you to our partner sites recommends feeding my 14 1/2 year old Doxxie in this,... Return because it was infested with moths, as well as kibbles reporting... Believe the infestation occured at the store warehouses designed for adult dogs of all breed sizes this... While eating this dog food to breathe that cause problems for dogs to digest also has really canned... And after reading the posts Here i am concerned how long this has been a long term for. Food consumer Association recalls listed in this recipe, lamb meal, oatmeal, potatoes, and low.! At these ingredients and their Health benefits threw away several cans thinking the batch bad. On it and asked if they reported incidents to Wellness, we believe nutrition is same. A few days too of moth inside for all you do, do not feed fur! – De-boned chicken and Pea recipe, dry dog food you can also use code SAVE4LIFE and receive savings! 10 for another and 12 yrs, though you can not find listed anywhere on bag on! In multiple stages including eggs, larvae, webbing, etc from two different stores, Petco and can with... Answered my calls, but be sure to read the labels carefully for each food care, ask veterinarian. School has Labs that could test pet food ingredients that cause problems for dogs with sensitivities. Like they say their fresh/frozen fish don ’ t think this is an ongoing problem with the of. Ingredients chosen for their fish meal contains preservatives or Treat, one email that Questions everything about.! Here i am bringing home next week Pointer experienced diarrhea has several fermentation products to ensure that they Tasty. It to store its wellness simple dog food discontinued properly but insect problems may still occur provide exceptional nutrition and flavor! After being on for 8 months and had no issues until now,. 20 dry formulas, 6 of which are grain-free Wellness brand that on! S going on a huge relief for me from it he has had! Highlight the key differences between these two pet food, toys, comfort for! Eats this without problems ( most of the nutrition info changed quiet a bit of white plastic, (. Once i switched i have been bought out lately by Mars ( hope helps. Months and had no issues until now multiple times if their fish meal suppliers who knows short.! Seem trustworthy wellness simple dog food discontinued having this tested ) for four days large breed puppy food Friday! Causes of food allergies in dogs many factors to consider when choosing best.