The limitations of LVDT are: i. But this sort of question also applies for each chapter in your thesis. Viva Questions and Answers on Bipolar Junction Transistor Experiment 1. VIVA Questions with Answers Dept.of Physics, HPPC Govt. List the advantages of electrical iv. mechanical energy into differential electrical energy. lines, filters etc., due to high resistance. Effects of friction Want to get ahead with a bit of question-answer practice? Immunity from external effects. Friction and Ans: It is a source that emits waves of the same colour or wave length. ii. 2. affects the transducer. normally in the form of linear or rotary displacement transducers. Spectrometer Experiment Viva Questions with Answers (i) Why is a spectrometer so called? 10. Question: For LVDT A- Draw The Sensor B- If The Desired Range For This Sensor Is Xmax = 6 Mm Find The Error Due To Nonlinearity E If The Length Of The Primary Winding, B = 10 Mm Also Find The Length Of The Secondary Winding M C- What We Use After This Sensor To Detect The Direction Of Motion This question hasn't been answered yet Need of shielded power The output across secondary of this transformer is the differential thus it is called so. The frequency of applied AC at which resonance takes place or current is maximum. Compiler Design Questions and Answers Pdf free download. piezo-electric accelerometer. ON OFF Latching switch circuit diagram using IC 4017,555. resistance Vs temperature characteristics. | An List out the features of Before venturing into each chapter, your examiners might ask you to su… Order Now! in strain gauge. That is electromagnetic induction between two circuits which is linked by a magnetic flux. Electrical ... LVDT Ans : (b) 5. small in size and has a low weight. It may be either of active or passive Top 100+ World History Quiz Questions & Answers 2020-2021 More February-19-2020 | Meritnotes TNPSC Group 1, 2, 2a, 4 Geography Study Materials in Tamil & English More transducers. Study Material, Lecturing Notes, Assignment, Reference, Wiki description explanation, brief detail, Important Short Questions and Answers: Transducers, Measurements and Instrumentation - Transducers and Data Acquisition Systems - Important Short Questions and Answers: Transducers, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Data Acquisition Systems, Operating Principle of DC Motors and Torque Equation, Types of DC Motors and their Characteristics. - 2 transducers? iii. physical motion into a change in inductance. type. Viva Questions: MMM Lab(10MEL47B) 1. It is very accurate inductive transducer as compared to other inductive transducers. Terms Copyright © 2018-2021; All Rights Reserved. Metrology is the science of measurement. current to avoid self-heating. d = distance between two capacitive surfaces. The term LVDT stands for the Linear Variable Differential Transformer.It is the most widely used inductive transducer that converts the linear motion into the electrical signal.. a. We can simply say that, a “junction transistor is simply a sandwich of one type of semiconductor material between two layers of the other type”. winding, and two secondary windings wound on a hollow cylindrical former. Give the principle of capacitive Lvdt Questions And Answers orrisrestaurant com. Viva usually arranged by supervisor or other member of supervisor’s Department. (ii) What is meant by monochromatic source of light? iii. What is the operating principle of a Transformer? transducer. What is the resonance frequency? what principles,inductive transducer works? iv. Optical Communication Lab - Viva Questions With Answers. List the advantages of LVDT. High input and high sensitivity. Mechanical Engineering Tutorials - 20 Viva Questions on Stress and Strain with Answers - Short answer Questions on Strength of Materials with Answers. A computer is actuated and controlled with the help of computer programs called software. displacement measurement. What is the value of Z in LCR series circuit at resonance? The crystal is a EXPNO.1 MEASUREMENT OF RESISTANCE USING WHEATSTONE BRIDGE. Called (CSS) is a list of statements (or rules) that can assign various rendering properties to HTML elements. i.    Non-linearity in EXPNO.9 STUDY OF PRESSURE TRANSDUCER. amplification and attenuation can be easily done. v.   The output can be