Supreme Court Justices: Jeffrey J. Funke Lindsey Miller-Lerman Court of Appeals Judges: David K. Arterburn Michael W. Pirtle Workers’ Comp Court: Dirk V. Block Thomas E. Stine District Court: Richard A. Birch Timothy P. Burns J. Michael Coffey Duane C. Dougherty Geoffrey C. Hall Terri S. Harder Darla In 2018, retention judges got more than 76 percent of the vote, on average. Nebraska judges at all levels of the judiciary are up for retention as part of the general election. Nebraska judges at all levels of the judiciary are up for retention as part of the general election. The Nebraska State Bar Association conducted its 2020 Judicial Performance Evaluation earlier this year, and lawyers recommended the retention of all 144 judges on the survey. At the end of the survey cycle (9/30/2019), JPEC completed 65 judicial evaluation reports for judges eligible to stand for retention in 2020. Lancaster County District Judge Lori Maret got the lowest rating among the state's district court judges at 51.1%; and Douglas County Court Judge Darryl Lowe got the lowest retention … Just a few years later, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) that there is a fundamental right to wed no matter the gender under the federal constitution. Voters will answer "yes" or "no" to decide if the judge gets to remain on the bench. ... Light snow slowly adds up … Judges in Nebraska stand in retention elections that occur during the November general election. I have googled each name, tried looking at court cases, and gone to the Nebraska judicial website. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Under state law, judges who up for retention must receive at least 57% voter approval to remain on the bench. This amendment applied only to judges of the supreme court and district courts, but the system now applies to all judges. Oklahoma is one of the few states that allows citizens to choose whether to keep or replace judges from the various levels of courts. Voters this election will see the names of eight Oklahoma judges on their ballots who are up for retention. The average number of reversals for the 56 Cook County circuit judges running for retention was four. Funke represents the 5th Judicial District, which covers Cass and Otoe counties, but extends to counties as far as Webster and Hall counties. Court of Criminal Appeals District 2 — Robert L. Hudson Judge Robert L. Hudson ( Find more details on judges’ backgrounds at “These numbers continue to be impressive and consistent with prior evaluations,” said Steve Mattoon, immediate past president of the state bar association. 1=Very Poor, 2=Deficient, 3=Satisfactory, 4=Good, 5=Excellent. Douglas County Judge Darryl Lowe, an outspoken veteran of the court, was the only one of 136 judges who did not receive majority support for retention. Six Court of Appeals judges are up for retention this year: • Mark Bailey, formerly a judge in Decatur County, appointed in 1998 • Cale Bradford, formerly a Superior Court judge in Marion County, appointed in 2007 • Elaine Brown, formerly a Superior Court judge in Dubois County, appointed in 2008 Iowa, which also uses a merit plan for high court judges, had one of the most notorious revenge removal elections in 2010, when three jurists, including the chief justice, were removed from the Iowa Supreme Court. The supreme court seats up for election were held by Chief Justice Michael Heavican, Justice John Wright, and Justice William Cassel prior to the election. In a retention election, voters decide whether a judge should be retained on the bench or removed from office. Ben Nelson named her to the then-new Nebraska Court of Appeals, created in 1991. Of the 104 judges on the ballot for retention this November, independent evaluation commissions recommended that only two not keep their seats. The Iowa Judicial Branch and Iowa State Bar Association provide information each election cycle on the judges who are up for retention. The retention system is called the Judicial Retention or Merit Selection System.