Are they reliable? They are just too affordable and high quality to say no to. Overall, however, these are excellent magazines that are effective, affordable, and dead nuts reliable. Are you kidding me? Rating: 100%. Elite Tactical Systems mags, aka ETS, are some very eye-catching and recognizable magazines for the Glock and AR platforms. Things might be different if ProMag priced these magazines according to quality, but in a lot of cases they cost just as much, or only a hair under Magpul and ETS magazines. I stumbled across another site call classic firearms and they have the exact same magazines for under 15 bucks. and the Cheaper Than Dirt symbol are registered trademarks of Direct Investments LTD. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. Second go out and put Wilson springs in them. Privacy Policy and Pachmayr Grip Extender For GLOCK 26/27/33/39 Adds ... Ghost Inc Magazine Extension Device For GLOCK 26/27/33/39 Small Polymer Black GH... Ghost Inc Magazine Extension Device For GLOCK 26/2... Pachmayr Grip Extender For GLOCK 26/27/33 Adds Capacity Polymer Black 03880. I notified gunmagwarehouse after ordering there's an almost 50 bucks and said you match prices. I don't know about Y'all when it comes to knowing how many rounds are in the magazine, witness holes or clear I can't see inside the handle of my Glock anyway so unless I'm counting I'm not gonna know how many rounds I have left! On some occasions, the magazines may function perfectly fine, but not usually. Terms of Service apply. The Magpul makes their magazines almost entirely out of reinforced polymer, which makes them tough and stiff. I only buy genuine Glock mags now, lesson learned I suppose. The GlockStore Double Diamond Plus Magazine Extensions provide up to six extra rounds to your existing magazines while adding extra style to your Glock. A magazine extension like the ones here will not only give your gun a bit of bling, but it will actually improve performance and give you more rounds on tap. Best Aftermarket Glock Magazines: Max Reliability, Name a brand that the firearms accessory industry supports more than Glock. Poor quality control. Magazine Extensions; Glock; Glock 19/23; Filter by. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. This is a genuine factory GLOCK 26 magazine designed to work in all previous versions of the GLOCK 26 including the new Generation 4. Manufactured by Henning Group comes this plus 2 Round Glock magazine and grip extension for Glock Models 19, 23, 26, and 27 Factory magazines. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Now I'm stuck with oddly long 7rd mags. LIRISY Glock Tool Kit, Front Sight Tool Magazine Disassembly Tool Mag Plate Removal Tool Pin Punch Tool for Glock 19 26 27 43 Accessories ... Best Sellers Rank: #25,235 in Sports & Outdoors ... GVN Grip Extension Fits GLOCK Model 26/27/33/39 - Grip Extension -2 Pieces Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 893. That's a $10 difference. My FX-9 came with an SGM double-stacked 17rd mag (pinned to 10 because Canada). I love that someone besides Glock is making high-quality magazines for the platform, especially since more and more guns are using Glock mags. I also tested KCI glock mags several years ago. As you go through each one on the list, consider some of the features and characteristics. The following is a list of the Glock 43 magazine extensions that are currently on the market. This will allow 5 or 6 rounds to fly out of the mag at one time. 15 round ok, but not 12. Glock 43 Magazine Extension. You can trust these magazines day in and day out, and they are reliable, affordable, and widely available. Best Sellers Items 1 to 20 of 21 total ... Glock 43 9mm 6-Round with Extension Factory Magazine (106) $31.99. The floor plate is interchangeable with most Glock aftermarket plates as well, like, My first experience with these mags was due to the fact that Kel Tec includes them with their Sub 2k Gen 2, and. I wish all mags were made like this one - it appears to be an extrusion rather than folded sheet metal, is blued and looks real classy! Pearce Grip Extension for GLOCK 26/27/33 Gen 4 Mag... Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate For Glock 26/27/33 Gen 3 Models Plus 2... Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate For Gloc... Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate For Glock 26/27/33 Gen 4 And 5 Models ... CruxOrd GLOCK Magazine Base Plate Three Percent Flag Aluminum Black. The extended magazines do feature witness holes, which make more sense because these stick outside the magazine well just a bit longer. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The prices for their HC mags is only slightly lower than OEM factory mags... but are they worth it? My 33 rd mag makes me have a few fliers. Do not buy magazines from gunmagwarehouse! This means that when you draw your weapon, you get the full feel of it. The real shame is with a little quality control they could produce some awesome mags for weird guns. Don't use for self-defense, could cost more than points.. Whether your handguns are Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield, Hyve Technologies will always have something to offer. Being relatively new to firearms, I didn't know the rep they had. 2nd Best Glock 43 Magazine Extension – What recent users say? Korean KCI 31 round 40 cal mags for Glocks are strictly for range use to practice stoppage clearance. Not every magazine has to be used for life and death scenarios. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. Plus, something about seeing a 12 rounder peeking out the rear of a Glock 42 is hilarious. Better to spend a bit more money and buy a magazine made by Glock for your Glock gun. Frame Sizes. It’s also quite heavy, impractical, and a little more expensive ($59.99), but sometimes ridiculousness is its own reward. These units … The Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for G26 provides multiple functions to include an additional +2 rounds as well as an extended grip surface which provides extra finger space for better grip and control on GLOCK™ OEM … LOL. Drop free, reliably feed. Stay away from the south Korean 33rd, they fit too tight and you have to sand them down for drop free, plus they don't load easy. Glock Oem Magazine, 9mm, 19rd, 17rd +2 Extension, Coyote Brown Finish, Fits Glock 17/34, Cardboard Packaging 47488Product Type: MagFinish/Color: Coyote BrownFit: Glock OEM 17/34Caliber: 9MM MSRP: $35.00 Magpul is also releasing a 170mm, 27 round magazine for IPSC. This extension adds two total rounds whether its your 9mm, .40S&W, or .357SIG. The Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK™ G26 GEN3 or GEN4&5 was designed to provide a smoother magazine reloading through a low drag / no snag design. Magpul just recently released a 140mm, 21 round GL9 magazine, legal for USPSA limited class. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. I'm betting my 7rd mag is just the 8rd extended mag with a standard baseplate and longer spring. This has me thinking about buying both weapons, as I value swap-ability in both ammo and magazines between platforms. Grip Extension for Glock 26 & 27! Check out our beginners guns video course. The Banshee is a fine rifle, but only genuine FN magazines solved the unintended magazine release problem. Adding a new magazine extension to your Glock magazines can give your gun a different look, and even if you get a +0 plate, the extra weight is going to help the magazines drop easier. Choose Options. This lengthens the magazine .25" to make for easier, more reliable magazine changes. Glock 43 9mm OEM Completed Magazine. Broke my glock speed loader trying to get 12th round in. Pachmayr Grip Extender For GLOCK 26/27 Polymer Bla... Pearce Grip Glock 26, 27, 33, 39 GEN 4 Grip Extension Polymer Black PG-26G4. After all, who wouldn’t want a Glock drum? Their Glock mags appear to be nearly exact copies of Glock FML magazines, but I'm wondering if this is somehow deceiving? I discovered them on the Recoil Gunworks website. Glock 48 and 43X basepad for Shield Arms® Magazine. They're not going to be as cheap as you hoped though once you have to put new springs in them so unless you're like me and stuck without options in .45 I'd say talk to Magpul first or just buy the Glock factory mags. You do not pay anything extra and your I have a ETS .40 extended mag i think its 31 rounds its junk all it does is jam I dont recommend ETS at all. The only issue I have seen with Ets glock 43 mags is the spring tightness. Wish Lists. The floor plate is interchangeable with most Glock aftermarket plates as well, like these from Taran Tactical ($40). You might choose one based on something that will stand out to you in some way. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. If you want some range mags that are both reliable and affordable there are options. I suppose it is my fault for not seeing the word "flush" with the 7rd purchase, but I would have assumed standard count would have been flush if there was no pinky extender. For Expert Glock Advice Call Toll Free. With Pearce, you turn the G26’s alleged disadvantage on its head, and come out with a full-sized grip on a subcompact handgun. I shoot a Glock 21 and a 30 so I was looking for big sticks for .45 and this was what I found. With Glock double stack pistols, you can use any double stack Glock magazine, so long as the frame isn't too large for it. A good scrubbing in some hot dish water resolved this problem. The 31 and 30 round magazines are designed for fun, while the other 27, 22 for 9mm and 24 and 19 for 40 S&W are designed for competition and to fit inside various rules. Add to Cart. One of their cooler, and more interesting, options are the 50 round drum. They went wrong saving money on the springs and its fixable. It features the double cut magazine body and will work if you have reversed your magazine release on your Gen 4 GLOCK 26. They can be dropped over and over, kicked, thrown and tossed and they just keep working as smoothly as ever. They must not have enough experience or I put them through real work before posting these Stellar reviews. They have ran reliably. These days, everyone knows the Magpul PMAG is an amazing magazine and revolutionized the AR 15 magazine world. Best Glock Magazine Extensions. TTI Base Pad Push Pin Replacement Kit. I have exactly one ProMag, for my P.38 pistol. They are also pretty dang affordable, and at only 12 bucks for a standard 17 rounder, you can’t go wrong. Now that you’ve gotten your mags, it’s time to personalize your Glock.  These are the Best Glock Mods we can’t go without. They have been left loaded in between range trips. Taran Tactical Innovations takes the number one spot in our comparison of the best baseplate magazine extensions for Glocks. Extend your Glock magazine capacity and your range days with Rock Your Glock's big selection of the best Glock magazine extension brands for you Glock pistols. These magazines are even unreliable on a static range. I bought two 7rd Promags for a Kahr P9. So, what are the best Glock … 40 S&W magazines should also work with 357 SIG, although I don’t have first-hand experience since I don’t own a 357 SIG. I have only heard good things about Amend 2 Mags and the price is appealing. A little research on the internet led me to some basic rules regarding their products. 5stars from me. A few drops on a hard surface were all it took to crack or break the baseplates. XGrip GLOCK 26-27 Magazine Adapter Magazine Spacer for Full Size GLOCK 17/22/31 ... XGrip GLOCK 26-27 Magazine Adapter Magazine Spacer... Pearce Plus Grip Extension, GLOCK 26, 27, 33, 39, Black.