The engine starts well but will only run on full choke. I just installed a torker 289 and a edelbrock 1405 600cfm carb on my 302 HO. ... Had a bike that would only run ok with that - after trying lots of other stuff, fresh fuel sorted it. Dwight Coleman there are usually only a few possibilities if it only runs with the choke. Why Does my Small Engine Run Better with the Choke on? If I open the choke it will shut down immediately. Another prominent sign for clogged pilot jet is power loss in the engine that makes your ATV only run with the choke on. Lawn Mower: Only Runs With The Choke On . Our repair and symptom guide will help you identify the problem and how to fix it. You need to richen your mixture. Either fuel-supplying components are faulty or carburetor itself. my 2 stroke blower only runs on idle or full choke. Unfortunately, we hear this question asked more often than ever before. I have a Honda 8 HP Gasoline engine the model is GX240-242 Serial Number GC04-4490879. i to am having the same issue of only running with choke on. Not Yet Wild . Scenario's that could possibly make it run poorly would be A restricted fuel line will usually result in an engine that runs well until the fuel restriction becomes too much. Albeit a bit roughly. I have a typical small engine power washer which was running fine the first day I used it this year even on the old fuel. If you are confident that you've got the carb in good shape (which would obviously be the first culprit) I would suggest an air leak, maybe where the carb goes in the manifold. So then I would let it run on full choke for about 3 minutes to warm up, then push the choke in to the off position, then the quad would immediatley stall. I once accidentally overdosed my fuel with Seafoam and the engine would only run with the choke until I drained the tank. WHY your motorcycle only runs on CHOKE. When I got a can of new fuel this year, it would start and run while I had the choke on, but when I tried to take the choke off, it would simply die. Re: Engine only runs with choke on Ok, this seems to be my confusion. That is with throttle full open. If your lawn mower only runs with the choke on, check the carburetor. new float. The engine runs high and clear but bogs down under load and won't ... hey i was reading this thread and just needed some more help. The other could be a clogged low speed and idle circuit. Learn How to get lean in 21 days and stay that way forever... 3 Weird Tricks For A Flat Belly Unlock Your Body's Natural Ability To Burn Fat With These '77 Fat Burning Hacks'. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Otherwise, the engine has ports without valves. The 2 stroke design has only … It doesn’t, quite, die. However, a clogged pilot jet will reduce the fuel proportion in it. Look at the spark plug, and see if it's black. congats, it should run. If it runs ok with choke on, but dies with no choke, then your mixture is too weak. This top information is for carburetors installed on Sprint, Classic and Quattro 3.0 to 4.0 hp engines. It purrs on idle then; however, if I give it any major throttle in my barrel, it Boggs down quite a bit. A.The diaphragm is stiff and must be replaced. But, here’s the deal breaker, it ONLY runs well with the choke set. If engine is hot, ensure that the choke lever is down. It didn't run very well, and every time I gave it some gas the engine just cut out. It runs great now, and accelerates better, and smoother. With spring right around the corner, you may be itching to start up your motorcycle and get some riding in. Thanks On full choke it runs about 75% of full throttle. I had 2 honda mowers that only ran on choke and I swear I disassembled each carburetor 3 times. And the engine runs! ENGINE ONLY RUNS ON CHOKE This problem is usually common with Briggs and Stratton Vacu-Jet and Pulsa-Jet diaphragm style carburetors. When you place the choke in the on position, it creates more suction on the throat of the carburetor which creates more vacuum to pull fuel out of the main jet and up through the emulsion tube which mixes air and fuel. Any help much appreciated. Good luck Dave 05-14-2012, 07:51 PM #7: Waterman33333. Didnt help tried another carb & still the same. Some times a back fire into the carburetor will blow a pressed-in BB out of a drilled passage way. If the engine runs only with full choke, you know it is not getting the gas it needs. The choke is literally an extra air hole opening up. I left my choke on whilst riding a 125cc bike and within minutes it had overheated and slowly lost power until it died, with bluish smoke coming off the engine casing – user90843843434 Apr 26 '15 at 17:17 tried another carb & still the same. I'll put my money on a dirty carb. Google+ 0. We do not recommend that any type of outdoor power equipment be operated after initial warm-up and with the choke control outside of the normal run position for longer than 5 minutes. But it’s far from healthy sounding. Do not see any fuel adjustment on Carb. But once running, it only runs with choke. 2: Possibly flooded engine (Excess fuel inside engine): This can occur if fuel valve is left open while engine is off for long period.Turn fuel to off position and try starting engine with throttle wide open. Engine requires a good mixture of fuel and air to operate correctly. The car now will only run with Full choke, as soon as I let out of choke it sputters and dies, I checked the timming and it is fine everything seems to be good but still wont run with out choke. Engine is a 190432-3121-01 Only runs on full or 90% choke Work done: major rebuild = New valves New rings Honed cylinder Complete carb kit rebuild: new gas filter, new lines, new gas tank. 2-Stroke Engine Only Runs on Choke (Will Not Run) Why? Leaving the choke on while operating will result in excessive fuel consumption, irregular engine power performance and eventually may even damage the engine. I've had the carb off and cleaned it (though, oddly, I couldn't remove the main jet which is held up in place by a plug in the top of the float chamber . That's too rich. I have a Jonsered GR50 brushcutter/strimmer which will only run on choke. Tiller is only five years old and is used maybe at most 4 times a year. This afternoon I went to mow the lawn.. Engine would only stay running at half choke… As soon as I full the trigger, it cuts off. If some petrol is getting through, then closing the choke may bring things back into balance sufficiently to run the engine - sort of! Share This Post. Curing 2-cycle Engine Problems: ... but the valve closes when the pressure in the crankcase rises as the piston is on the downward stroke. Posts: 7 Re: 79 ez go 2 cycle only runs with choke on. If I move it off of full choke … Still hard time to get started. engine only runs with excessive choke Troubleshooting. 2 stroke engine will only run on choke.? So, fuel hose isn’t out of this circle. One cause could be an air leak on the carb, head gasket, crankshaft seal. You will not know if the BB is missing cause it will look like another hole in the carburetor. Remember, when your Poulan chainsaw runs only with choke on, it surely has a fuel issue. I have taken the muffler off & it was well choked up with coke but after cleaning it's still doing it. Already replaced gas/oil with new mixture containing stabil and cleaned the carberater. Since you just got the engine done I would double check the carburetor. Twitter 0. Its basically the same as opening up the throttle plate itself, only you aren't exposing the needle or main jet. My Tiller is only running with the choke on. However, you start it up on choke and everything is fine until you turn the choke off, and the engine dies. Facebook 0. If the engine only runs with the choke full on it means you have a vacuum leak and the engine runs too lean with the choke off. Very simple Mariner5 air-cooled 2-stroke runs fine on half-choke , dies on anything less. Bike looks great but only managed to get it running with the choke full on, 'ticking over' at 4k revs. I have a Jonsered GR50 brushcutter/strimmer which will only run on choke. So up until today the engine/carb has been running normally: Put choke on to start, start engine, move choke to off or open position..all is well. Although it may have something to do with your E3 Car Spark Plug , it is more likely the result of using E10 gasoline, especially if you live in a hot, humid area of the country. That is your starting point.

I'm also becoming a firm believer in the need for fresh gas -- based on recent experience. It will result in a less efficient engine. My Lawn Mower Will Only Run on Full Choke To understand this problem, you must understand a little about how a carburetor works. Now I don't have to run it with the choke slightly on. I found the filter by accident and cleaned them. Original 1964 Kohler K181 engine on a 1964 864 Wheel Horse. Starts on first pull but, leans out and dies if I take off choke. As soon as I move the choke lever to Partial or fully Open, ... #2b, non hardening, and the engine runs much better. If the float is older, it can get heavy and it does not float. Step Four. 1. 2 stroke carb's are very easy to work on, once you understand how they work. Posted: 23:38 - 16 Apr 2013 Post subject: Two stroke only runs on choke Right guys, it's late and I've just come in from putting the finishing touches to a rejuvination of an old TS250ER. (usually you only need very minor adjustments after step 2 because that is generally the setting that works on most engines.) As soon as I give it revs the choke automatically disengages & the engine stops straight away. As soon as I give it revs the choke automatically disengages & the engine stops straight away. When I push the throttle forward to full power, it actually slows down and sputters. Symptoms can be similar to what you are describing. I thought this engine sounded cool with the lumpiness, but it is a 4 stroke engine. If you need specific repair instructions related to your model, … The problem now is that it only runs with the choke fully closed. 5. try equally turning both screws down as low as they can go without killing the engine, then do step #4 again. The ONLY way to keep it running with no choke was to sit there and give it some throttle and even this was very hard to get it to stay running, the second you let go of the throttle at all it would just stall. Symptoms : Check: Engine Won't Start: 1: Carburetor choke: If engine is cold, ensure that the choke lever is up. Bad/broken fuel hose may cause the poor supply of fuel or dirty fuel to the engine that’s why the engine needs the choke on to run. I have it backwards then and kills my idea that choke needs to stay on for it to run. Join Date: May 2012. I have taken the muffler off & it was well choked up with coke but after cleaning it's still doing it.