ga('send', 'event', 'fmlaInfo', 'addFormula', $.trim($('.finfoName').text())); This is the Hindi name for one of my favourite foods. A gen-eral formula (Eq.5), as well as an extend - ed formula (Eq.6), have been developed. Multiply the depth of cut by the width of cut and the feed rate to find cubic inches per minute of material removed. The performance factors that EDMers look for are metal removal rate, wear, surface finish, machinability, and material cost. This formula counts required time for boring. 801 W. Main St. Kirkland, IL 60146 $(window).on('load', function() { Then labeling is done in order to identify the experimental trial number. x 3.14. The formula for MRR (Material Removal Rate) is: MRR= W X H X F W = Width of cut H = Depth of cut F = Feed in inches per minute The formula for Horsepower Required is: HP = UHP X MRR UHP = Unit HP (taken off chart) MRR = Material Removal Rate Some UHP numbers off chart: Aluminum .25 Steel 1.4-2.5 Alloys 2.0-3.3 Table 2 Metal removal rates and related parameters Workpiece diameter, D in. Machining time, T c (min) Examples of these processes are turning, drilling, lapping etc. (2010). window.jQuery || document.write('