Now, open an app that requires you to use keyboard, such as Messaging app. S-voice still works. You should see the Microphone icon displayed in the pop up menu as one of available option. On previous devices i was able to have a Mic icon to the left of my space bar. This button is on the bottom row and the second button from the left. I performed a factory reset today and just noticed that the microphone icon for voice search is missing from both browsers in the search bar. What I wanted was a mic option for the keyboard, like phones have. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Default Samsung keyboard; Answer. 17 posts Thanks Meter: 0 . It's more convenient than changing my input method to voice typing, as it only … (It's there if I go to the top and want to write a webpage or in the samsung keyboard toolbar) I remember the icon being there before this... Android 9 - Sam S10 . It doesn't show up on the keyboard in any programs. The little microphone icon disappeared from my Galaxy 3 keyboard a couple of weeks ago, and the mic icon does not appear as an option when you hold that button on the keyboard. 3. click CONFIGURE KEYBOARD SETTINGS. 7 replies; 1851 views D dee1305 First activity; 1 reply I hope someone can help or find the setting. 9 months ago 10 March 2020. Regards. Im on a samsung S8. Press on it once to see an audio-visual cue and begin speaking clearly. Tap and hold your finger on this button to see four hidden icons pop up. missing microphone icon on Samsung keyboard. One will be the microphone which can now be selected and used. Danny Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. At least this thread may help someone else who wants to use the Samsung keyboard. General management - Language and input - on screen keyboard - samsung keyboard - layout and feedback then turn keyboard toolbar off, a bit late looking at the date of the replies but anyone else who views this will hopefully be helped! The menu path is: Settings/General Management/Language and Input/Virtual Keyboard/Samsung Keyboard/Reset Settings Any help would be appreciated. I recently performed a hard reset on my LG Nexus 4, and something strange happened: after everything restarted and I set my phone up, the microphone icon was gone on my Google Keyboard! No, I won't use the full Windows speech recognition app, because I've used that for years and it wasn't what I wanted. I reloaded the Samsung keyboard, and a long press on the smiley face did show the microphone. Samsung S20 - Mic Icon missing from Samsung Keyboard. All of the other options are still there but the mic button is completely gone. Found the solution! ... Gboard vs Samsung Keyboard: Should You Switch to Gboard You should see the mic icon on the upper right of your keyboard. By nomosp, Junior Member on 29th November 2013, 11:48 PM Post Reply Email Thread. How to fix the microphone icon issue on an android: 1. go to LANGUAGE AND INPUT on your samsung. So it seems your mobile device is also missing the voice input button on the standard keyboard. I got it, and now it's gone. 2. find the keyboard you use, you find that under STANDARD KEYBOARD and then click on that. Works for me atleast. As a result, I will continue to use the Google keyboard. As far as I'm concerned That is a bad way to do things. On keyboard, long tap the key in the left side of Space bar. Enable this option will make the Mic button available on your Samsung keyboard and vice versa. 4 Now, my on screen keyboard no longer displays the mic icon to do dictation. Recently I was using the Google keyboard app on my S6 and most of the time with the help of microphone; for typing, I used to use voice-to-text input button from this Android keyboard settings.