Turkey hunting with a 22 lr may not be legal in your state and / or area, so check the laws before you venture out. Can just see it now, someone crawling behind a full strut decoy gets shot with a air rifle pellet. The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. The problem with such shot is that it will always be a small moving target. Are there better rounds for turkey hunting with a rifle, yes. The muzzle energy was listed at 360 foot-pounds — almost twice the speed and energy of a 40-grain .22 Long Rifle high-velocity cartridge. Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle for Turkey Hunting. If you can hit a small target, the quickest way is a brain shot (though the skull is much larger than the brain, so some knowledge of deer anatomy is needed to place the shot). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For any rifle shot on a turkey, hold for the wing butt on a broadside shot, or the middle of the back if the bird is going straight away from you. Remember, we only ever want to shoot a rifle when we know what is behind it. When using a rifle, the head is much too small to use as an aimpoint, especially at long range. Table of Contents Types of Rifle Cases Best Rigid Rifle Cases Rigid Case Comparison Table…, If you are a shooter, you have noticed the recent growth in popularity of competing…, If you take a very close look at the TCR 22, and you are a…, Targets are usually the last concern of a shooter that is headed to the field…, If the truth be known, shooting benches can be pure evil. A comprehensive guide for the industry’s leading firearms equipment, accessories, and industry news. This article focuses on where to shoot a turkey with a shotgun. The public lands will often offer a lot in terms of diversity and population so that you can enjoy the hunting experience. Down load a Turkey vitals pic and learn where the good stuff is and see where to shoot one. Turkey Hunting with Walther Parrus Pellet Rifle. This is where a turkey’s vital area is located. When Do Deer Shed Their Antlers? Also, be sure to use expanding HP or soft point bullets, NO solids. So hunting turkeys is absolutely possible, and even practical. A single-shot is oftentimes preferred for a youth’s first shotgun, though I tend to disagree with this choice, as a mistake is easy to make when de-cocking the gun. Arizona is another state whose laws are quiet on the use of non-powder rifles or BB guns. During firearm season, you can use a.30 caliber or larger PCP rifle to hunt whitetail deer. Vocal birds often won’t cross fences or wade through thick vegetation, so set up to make it easier for them to come in. Fast forward to 2: 57 seconds to see the first kill but in the video above, the Airgun Hunters take their spring limit of turkeys with a pellet gun in California. The .22 round slapped that turkey in the wrong spot, and he flew away, never to be seen again. But a 22 can work well for turkeys with a few extra precautions taken. Jul 2, 2018 #13. Hope this helps. Many will argue that the segmented rounds don’t have enough penetration to be effective. Economy size Used Youth Rifle Shooting Jacket And Where To Shoot A Wild Turkey Wi The best calibers for Turkey body shoots are 22 to 30 calibers . Make sure to aim above the turkey’s hip and you will get the vital organs that will keep it down. Timing is more important than how it sounds. A size 7.5 shot from a shot gun can travel 300 yards. This means that within a couple of weeks of hunting by other people, it will take time to scout and find a single turkey to kill. Especially when you are…, A rifle bipod is an excellent accessory for a rifle both at the range or…, Always one of the most popular Varmint models, the Pro Varmint has a heavy 16.5”…, The most accurate factory-made rim fire rifle for the money is without a doubt the…, On any visit to a rifle range anywhere in the world, the first thing you…, The secret to accuracy with a rifle is the same as in pistols, archery, golf,…, I don’t really like to do articles that give the “top 5 best 22 lr…, Best 22 competition rifles out of the box, Bench techniques for shooting small groups. For the most part, when shooting a turkey with a shotgun, you’re going to aim at the head and/or neck. CCI segmented hollow point rounds are the best I have found for taking turkeys dependably and humanely with a 22 lr. Unlike other prey, turkeys do not have big vital areas. The first aid kit should never miss as accidents often happen while you are hunting. Proper shot placement then is abs… Miculek rifle compensator: http://bit.ly/1716sgMMiculek Practical Rifle DVD: http://bit.ly/1706xvKwww.Miculek.comSHARE ON FACEBOOK! You should now be able to enjoy hunting turkeys with this guide. As a Farm kid, i've killed many a Red Fox with a .22 caliber rifle. These things will always give you an edge over the other hunters. Even more so when all of the energy is dumped inside the target and the bullet doesn’t exit. I shot my spring Turkey this past spring with my .22 magnum Remington M597, 70 yards square in the chest. The preferred shot angle for bowhunters is broadside, aiming for the heart or lungs. You might need to get yourself a camouflage shirt, jacket, pants, boots and a face mask. Savage M24F combination gun While turkey hunting has become a shotgun sport for most, rifles are still legal in some places, with .22 centerfires being the most popular rifle cartridges. Hogs, especially older hogs, develop tougher skin as they grow and fight other hogs, so I imagine the task of killing them with a 22 would prove quite difficult. The distance in which you can make an effective shot on your game will increase substantially. Why, because velocities are higher when the projectile reaches the target promoting more expansion of the bullet, more shock, and therefore a better opportunity to do quick fatal damage to vital organs. http://ahshirts.com I like the .22 mag because you don't get all the lead from the shotgun throughout the bird. Spring is taken to be a breeding season for the turkeys. A shotgun fired in the air will quickly spread and lose power. Or someone fanning gets shot. Most of the states would have it that the hunting season begins during spring. Try to place a shot right below the head in the upper body, that should do it. He was a much better shot than I ever was, and turkeys don’t stand still for long. That may make shot placement on a wild turkey feel counterintuitive. The birds went down immediately, no tracking, no lost birds. With the use of a great round and placing it in the vital region, any turkey will fall. The downside to any PCP is that they do have to be … Another alternative to taking out the turkey would by shooting its vital organs. If you are looking to stay with rimfires, 22 WMR, the 17 HMR, and of of course the 17 WSM are all better choices. The male turkeys will be making a noise to alert the hens where to find it. Calls don’t have to be perfect. Choose whatever brand and bullet type shoots most accurately in your rifle. Ruger MkIII 22/45 .22LR – Range Gun $ 299.95 Read more; Ruger PC Carbine Take-Down 18.6″ 9mm Non-RESTRICTED. So much so that they have gotten the reputation for being bullet-proof. The only disadvantage is that the public lands would often have a lot of hunting pressure. I'm planning to do some turkey hunting this fall for the first time in PA rather than NY, and am intrigued that you can use (manually operated) rifle or pistol. Feral hogs are tough animals. A much better aimpoint for a broadside shot is just slightly below where the wind contacts the body. We have more information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. In NY, you are only allowed to use shotgun for turkey. Post Cancel. In the places where you get a lot of scratching, then a large flock of turkeys must have been passing through recently, so you are on the right track. The segmented rounds are perfect for this game bird. It is very light, simple to use, has affordable and lightweight rounds, can easily be put together and taken apart, and can shoot a variety of game animals even at long distances. Use bug repellent with DEET to deter mosquitoes for the same reason. This technology allows for rapid reloading of pellets when the gun is cocked. In addition to using the right 22 lr round delivering expansion, this small round should enter the vitals area close enough to do the proper damage. See the illustration below. This will give you an advantage of where to search for the turkeys as they will be making the mating noise. You do not want to hunt with a poor aim as taking out the turkey is often a one chance affair. A 22 lr will kill a human, a deer, or pretty much anything else if it penetrates the body enough to cause severe damage to an organ that is vital for life. Because with a wild turkey, head and neck shots are the only way to go with a shotgun. There are other animals that you can hunt with an air rifle, including feral hogs and coyotes. When using a rifle, the head is much too small to use as an aimpoint, especially at long range. There are still a number of things you will need such as calls, strikers, snacks, decoys, maps and your rifle. Onsale Shoot Turkey Load In Rifled Barrel And Shooting Deer With 22 Long Rifle Eb On the other hand, I hope this reviews about it Best Turkey Hunting Rifles And Best Way To Shoot A 22 Rifle will become useful. Across the country, there are a number of land managers and biologists who are paid to enhance and create a wild turkey environment so that the turkeys can breed and grow before the hunting can start. Set your sights carefully when attempting to shoot, even with a tight turkey choke, especially if hens are near your gobbler. Stop calling and let him find you. A typical spring hunt where turkeys are involved in breeding and calls can be used to call them up relatively close some of the time, allows the use of a shotgun. You shoot these turkeys in the head, and if you hit them, they will die. Don’t call too much. The turkeys are often messy; thus you might always end up knowing where to find them. What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm? The answer is absolutely YES. Can You Shoot Turkey With A Rifle is best in online store. Find where to shoot on the go with our mobile app. How Long Is A Deer Pregnant -Fascinating Facts You Want To Know About Deer Pregnancy! When turkey hunting with your shotgun, you want to aim at the turkey’s head or neck region. Best Scope For Ar 10 Review – Amazing Scope for AR 10 On The Market Today, A Hunter’s Guide to the Best Lighted Nock, Which Material Provides Warmth Even When Wet? For our project today, I want to focus on building the perfect turkey rifle – a firearm you can employ on a standard turkey hunt and come home with more than the thighs and a wing left but will still cleanly drop the bird. Also, using a 22 lr to take turkeys is not too popular with some hunters. I recommend that you check always the latest price before buying. Which Shotgun Choke Has The Tightest Shot Pattern? This should always help you to blend into the environment so that you can have an advantage of hunting the turkeys. And hope Now i'm a section of allowing you to get a superior product. I would never use a weapon to take any game animal with the intention of wounding it. This is primarily because they love their hunting and hate to see their favorite game animal wounded and wasted when it can’t be recovered. January 18, 2021. A .22 Caliber rifle is definitely the go-to gun for anyone who is new to hunting. Within 30 yards, this shotgun pattern is usually dense enough to ensure a quick kill. But that's not the only thing that got us excited about this rifle though. Yes it certainly will. Not much of a challenge but legal. Also, be sure to use expanding HP or soft point bullets, NO solids. Just put it behind the ear and squeeze Comment. If you take the advice I have offered above the 22 lr, it will be just as effective as any other round. Let us know what you think of pellet gun turkey hunting or if you’ve ever heard of any other crazy hunts. This is with an aim of making sure that you end up with a great kill on the first shot. Google Play. On the other hand, I hope this reviews about it Best Turkey Hunting Rifles And Best Way To Shoot A 22 Rifle will become useful. 11-10-2016, 09:02 AM. You can always expect that the turkey hunting will have a lot of competition, so practice a lot on your aim to end up killing the turkey more often. Because of the tremendous popularity of this caliber, there’s no shortage of manufacturers making firearms chambered in… Last edited: Jul 3, 2018. Where to Hunt. (No, It’s Not Fleece! Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 959.95 Add to cart; Chiappa M1-9 Wood 19″ 9mm – Previously Owned $ 649.95 Read more; Chiappa M1-9 Wood 19″ 9mm $ 579.95 Read more; CZ 75 B 9mm – prev owned $ 700.00 Read more; Springfield Armory XD-9 – Range Gun $ 549.95 Add to cart; Dillon … The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. check price Steel Shooting Sacramento Rifle 22 And Texas Shoot Turkey W Due to the 22 long rifle (LR) being such a cheap and quiet round, I have always wondered if I can kill a hog with it. What Can You Hunt With A .22 Caliber Rifle: All You Need To Know Why A .22 Caliber Rifle Is Perfect For Hunting. Why? 2016 Deal.Shop for cheap price Can You Hunt Turkey With A 22 Rifle And 243 Rifle … The head shot is quite effective as you can always count on it being an instant kill. If some people want to, it’s legal. 11-10-2016, 12:03 PM. The turkeys will also scratch the ground as they will be looking for food. Seemed to do the job. Most of the time, you need to aim for the head. This makes it extremely hard to make a humane kill with a bow. Nothing beats a reliable pre-charged pneumatic for hunting. There’s really no need for or advantage in the hyper-velocity rounds. For more information, please read our privacy policy. Where to Buy. One word of caution though, be sure to check with your local wildlife officer or your state’s hunting laws to make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal. They are generally lightweight, handy and inexpensive, though. The old-timer of my youth told me to shoot turkey at the point of the wing, as that placement would take out a chunk of the back, causing immediate death with no damage to the edible portions. I am with them. I have seen to many turkey's on deer lease's shot with rifles in the breast. Watch the Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting Video. OutdoorTeacher ⭐⭐⭐ Join Date: Mar 2015; Posts: 450; Share Tweet #6. Whenever you have to hunt for anything in the wild, camouflage is always necessary. I will call in short term as Can You Shoot Turkey With A Rifle For people who are looking for Can You Shoot Turkey With A Rifle review. 11,833 5,382. Shot from a rifle, they attained 2,000 fps muzzle velocity and 1,550 fps from a pistol barrel. Arizona. Another important thing would be making sure that you have the right gear with you at all times. Start by looking for the turkey tracks in the snow, mud and sand. MikeKy, Jul 2, 2018. I'd use a .22 for a good solid head shot and that's all the more rifle I'd ever use for turkey. If am interpreting the PA guidebook correctly, it seems as though during the fall season you can use any rifle or pistol caliber, including centerfire. Work on your calling skills. When it comes to scouting, you can have yourself an early tour of the hunting grounds even before the official opening. Treat clothes with permethrin, which will kill disease-carrying ticks. A portion of your shot pattern should go into both the head and neck. View All News. You will receive a review and encounter form here. In this case, we get to look at where to shoot a turkey with a rifle. This makes .22 pistols and rifles great choices for teaching new shooters and for frequently shooting without breaking the bank. The best way is to keep in touch with the various hunting grounds to know exactly when they are opening it up for hunting. I’ve seen guys yell something to the bird like “hey” or “get up” or things like that, but I’m not a big fan of doing that unless absolutely necessary. It also won’t kill a turkey better at 20 yards than a dense-patterning 20-gauge, 28-gauge or .410-bore shotgun. Where to Shoot. Just like when using bows and single-shot shotguns, you should also aim at the neck or the head of the turkey to deliver a fatal shot on it when using a rifle. caruncles). Hence, knowing where to shoot a turkey with a bow will be crucial to the success of your turkey hunt. You can use a shotgun with shells not exceeding 3 1/2 inches maximum length for turkeys: No person shall take upland game birds: • With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, slingshot, hand-held or thrown missiles, firearms except a shotgun using shells not exceeding 3 ½ inches maximum length, I'll stick to the 10 gauge. The dumbest thing they ever did was move turkey into big game in Pennsylvania and let them use rifles larger than .22. While the… Learn More May 28, 2003 In the basement . In Florida and a handful of other states, it is legal to hunt gobblers with a rifle in Spring and Fall, at least on private lands, so let’s not even quibble with the ethics or sportsmanship of it. Planting Soybeans For Deer- When Is The Best Time To Plant Soybeans For Deer? A rifle on the other hand, even a .22, can travel much further, and can be dangerous. Comment. for a .223 for spring birds long ago but still carry it in the fall. You can easily do this when you are near to the turkey. for a .223 for spring birds long ago but still carry it in the fall. A great video to show proper shot placement on Turkeys with a bow and arrow. Id venture to guess that a modern 12 guage has nearly the same range as an average guy shooting a .22lr. There are many human deaths attributed to the 22 lr on record. The public lands will also have lots of free room to roam around looking for the turkeys making the experience even better. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Nothing can truly replace the experience of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. A head shot from a .22 would be an extremely difficult shot to pull off on a live moving around wild turkey as well. Use a good scope. Created with Sketch. Dallas Jack Member. I parked my .22 mag. Learn More. When hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun, greater success is achieved when hunters shoot at the head and neck area of the bird. For turkey season, you can use a .20 caliber or larger for hunting turkey. Proverbs ⭐⭐⭐ Join Date: Apr 2009; Posts: 442; Share Tweet #7. After one or two calls the turkey knows exactly where you are. Many hunters think that that the vital organs are at its breast or wing butt. See the illustration below. All of these technologies and more make it an incredibly reliable, soft shooting, and accurate gun for laying the smackdown on big toms! The app is available for iOS or Android users. Image 2 of 3 With a #4 pellet load, the hunter’s objective is to aim for the head / neck area. However, the head and neck is quite difficult targets to hit using a rifle. The more the merrier for any hunter. A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make Exploding Targets, Best Muck Boots For Hunting-The Perfect Pair of Muck Boots Makes For The Best Hunting, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Turkey Hunting, Make Your Hunting Trip A Great One With The Best Bow Quiver, When Do Bowsights Work Best? If you don’t, you miss cleanly and they go on to live another day. In fact, 100 yards is still “short range” for the .22LR cartridge. Yes, I’ve seen it done many times. Death was immediate and humane. Just destroy's the bird and I have seen small caliber " 22..22mag..17hmr " breast shots where the turkey runs off and never found. My choice is the Umarex Gauntlet. Want to Know When to Hunt For Antlers? A much better aimpoint for a broadside shot is just slightly below where the wind contacts the body. Yes it will. From a air gun the pellet are much safer for the surrounding areas than any shotgun blast . Deerhuntingfield.com makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contain on this website or any sites linked to this site. And you can easily shoot out to 100 yards. It is easy to find most people ready to set out on a hunting trip during the various hunting seasons. Hunting is often a nice outdoor activity that most people today can enjoy. This should give you adequate time to prepare the gear and practice some shooting before going out to hunt. Georgia. .22 Long Rifle (.22 LR) is the cheapest and easiest to handle round among popular firearm calibers. Onsale Shoot A 22 Rifle From Window And Shooting Turkey With Air Rifle Shoot A 22 A body shot on a heavily feathered, heavily muscled (in the chest) gobbler will likely lead to a bird that, while crippled, can still get away. As you know, most shooting with rifles chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge is done at 25 yards or 50 metres, and the NSRA only provide targets for distances up to 100 yards. My answer is it only requires and inch, maybe two inches of penetration if you are shooting from the rear, to reach the vitals. The air guns are very quite so once you have taken yours who ever is with you can have a shot also . Its great when your kid is with you . The higher the velocity, the better the bullet will perform. This is the area where the bullet should be when it does it’s work – expands and dumps it’s energy. If you are shooting at birds that are higher than you with a 22… This is where a turkey’s vital area is located. It's crafted of rugged, high-density black polymer with molded checkering at the grip and fore-end for sure handling. App Store. Once you can make a few decent calls, master the art of bullet placement on this bird, all of your kills will be reliable and humane. MikeKy, Jul 2, 2018 #12. Post Cancel. Join now. http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/hunting/turkey.html, http://www.fieldandstream.com/forums/-turkey-roost/where-aim-turkey. When zeroed at 40 yards, you have more than enough range to ensure proper shot placement on a turkey. When blending good calling skill with an accurate 22 rifle, you will have a hard combination to beat and I promise, you will come home with more turkeys. Early Tests Afield. Editor’s Pick of the Year for the Best Turkey Decoy, The Best Guide For When To Plant Turnips For Deer, Hunting Essentials: 5 of the Best Hunting Backpacks, The Important Things to Know in Understanding Why Coyotes Howl. How to shoot a 22 rifleNeed new shirts ? The rifle used was built for BR-50 .22 rimfire competition, and it has a single-shot Remington 40X action, a Jewell two-ounce trigger, and a McMillan benchrest stock with a 3.0-inch-wide fore-end. I have taken fall turkey with the lowly .22 long rifle. Most .22 LR rifles shoot accurately with standard or high-velocity ammunition shooting 36- to 40-grain bullets 1,150 to 1,250 fps. https://deerhuntingfield.com/where-to-shoot-a-turkey-with-a-rifle 2021 SHOT Show On Demand. Most of the public lands allow the hunters to have a pre-scouting event before the lands are officially open for hunting. XDKingslayer, Jan 2, 2008 #20. You will quickly learn that they are very smart and can see a flea move on a dog. When I lived there my boss used a 22-250 for his turkey gun. Imported by Legacy Sports, the new .22 LR is reminiscent of the now-discontinued CZ 452 Military Trainer. You simply have to follow the vocals to find the turkeys. ), What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand, What Does Deer Poop Look Like – A Fascinating Guide On How To Identify Deer Droppings, Best Hunting Boots On The Market » Hunting Boots Reviews. A good rule of thumb is to lean on the simple physics of heavier shot having more mass and carrying more energy down range, even beyond 40 yards where necessary, to get the job done on a spring gobbler. Created with Sketch. Most 22 rounds on the market today will not do this. 2 | Best Point of Aim If your gun shoots true, you should aim at point A, at the bottom of the turkey wattles, the thick, fleshy part of the neck (a.k.a. Boasting the same 10 shot rotary magazine that made the maxxim famous, this one is a beast of a .22 caliber air rifle. The National Wild Turkey Federation has long maintained that 40 yards is the ethical limit most turkey loads are capable of delivering reliable patterns on a turkey’s vital area. Learn how your comment data is processed. Last edited by Ray B; 11/10/13 01:07 PM. I'd just go with a shotgun even if rifles … For any rifle shot on a turkey, hold for the wing butt on a broadside shot, or the middle of the back if the bird is going straight away from you. Created with Sketch. turkeys can not only fly but also sprint at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. Of course that means that aim point will have to be adjusted depending on the turkey’s position, as long the bullet ends up in the vital area. It is legal to hunt turkeys with an air gun there and many of these air guns are as powerful as a .22 rifle. Deer and other big-game hunters have been groomed their entire hunting lives to aim for the heart and lung vitals of large-bodied hoofed animals in order to successfully bring them down. In fact, even more effective. He ran about 40 yards and dropped. The Winchester SX4 NWTF Cantilever Turkey 12 … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now you can have simplicity and tack-driving accuracy of an H&R single-shot rifle with the added pointing ease and steady aining characteristics of our new ambidextrous thumbhole Handi-Grip stock. These rounds aren’t moving at an excessively high rate of speed but the bullet is designed to break into equal parts upon entering the target medium. Because of the thick feathers and heavy wing bones protecting the vital organs, shot may not be able to penetrate to the vital organs. Many people would prefer to go for public land hunting because of the number of such hunting grounds. I have even taken turkeys at 100 yards with a 22 lr, but I knew my rifle’s drop numbers well and used a range finder to confirm. In other words, these cartridges improve your odds of a quick and humane kill. Texas allows turkey hunting with a rifle only on Rio Grandes which is what we have here. Good luck. I have also witnessed deer being taken with this little round with perfect head shots. NSSF Marketplace. Eastern Turkeys are another story, spring is shotgun only. Where to shoot the turkey. Feedman Cyber-Hunter. The magnum in a small package was off to a good start. Yes, the 12-gauge is arguably the most popular turkey gun, but it doesn’t mean everyone can or should shoot one. I’ve killed turkeys inside 20 yards with everything from the .410-bore all the way up to a double-barreled 10-gauge. A .22 caliber rifle is a great gun for you if you are new to hunting. I parked my .22 mag. Guys blowing them to pieces with 30-06 and .270s. I actually prefer to use a .22 Mag while turkey hunting because I do a lot of stalking and could have easily shoot 6 2 weekends ago if the season was in. The Quick & Definitive Guide On How To Wear A Boot Knife, How to Avoid Careless Behavior while Hunting. And just like the Czech-made favorite, this bolt-action appears to be set up to milk as much potential from a .22 round as possible. This means that you will be getting more turkeys coming to one place. What is The Best Prevention Against Careless Behavior When Hunting? Do it wrong and the turkey will escape even when wounded. Feedman, Jul 2, 2018. … It is crucial that you get to practice your aim with your rifle for a couple of times before heading out to hunt. A bullet that will expand to the maximum and dump all of it’s energy into the turkey is necessary. You will receive a review and encounter form here. And hope Now i'm a section of allowing you to get a superior product. Before we get to the shooting part, we must be able to know where to get these turkeys. A Quick Primer. You can always opt for the private land hunting for additional experience. Shop for cheap price Can You Hunt Turkey With A 22 Rifle And 243 Rifle For Coyote Hunting .Price Low and Options of Can You Hunt Turkey With A 22 Rifle And 243 Rifle For Coyote Hunting from variety stores in usa. Hope this helps. If you have no experience whatsoever when it comes to shooting a rifle, then this … Because you’re taking head shots, hollow points are no more deadly than solids. Any where in Texas it's legal to shoot a turkey with a rifle, for that matter .22LR is a legal means of taking a turkey. I’d go for a .22 or, even better, a .25—both of which pack ample punch. Later, they were revised to 1,910 fps and 1,480, respectfully. Velocities of the round are not high enough to cause expansion and or the current bullet design prevents it. When hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun, greater success is achieved when hunters shoot at the head and neck area of the bird. Be ready to shoot as soon as the turkey lifts its head, because it is typically about to pinpoint you and get out of the area. It is legal to hunt turkeys with an air gun there and many of these air guns are as powerful as a .22 rifle.